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2016 Oct 13, 6:19
TIME is really painting themselves into a corner. Still several weeks before election plus aftermath available for additional melting. 

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2016 Jan 25, 1:18
UK film censors forced to watch a 2-day long movie of paint drying cc: @greatdismal …

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2015 Mar 29, 11:10
1. House 2. Dressed as house 3. Listening to house 4. Rendition of Brick House 5. While painting house 6. Onto House …

New Paintings Page: Ward Shelley

2010 Feb 4, 2:07Infographic oil paintings of things like the historical influences of avant garde or the life of Frank Zappa.PermalinkCommentsart design visualization information gallery infographics painting ward-shelley via:infosthetics

If It's Hip, It's Here: The LOST Supper & Other TV Casts As The Famous Painting

2010 Jan 6, 2:11PermalinkCommentstv lost last-supper art

Lessons Learned From Paintball

2009 Dec 16, 2:47

Dressed for Paintball.I played paintball for the first time at Eric's bachelor party a couple months ago. With the worst of my bruises fading I'm examining what I've learned:

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Dressed for Paintball

2009 Dec 16, 2:35

sequelguy posted a photo:

Dressed for Paintball

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How to be the world's greatest ISP

2009 Dec 9, 1:32"We're not always aware of it here in the USA, but there are many ISPs out there in the world who do things quite differently than what we're used to. Some of these ISPs ideas are even really good. Ars surveys the global ISP landscape and paints a picture of what a dream ISP might look like."PermalinkCommentstechnical internet isp web article

IdeaPaint: A Blank Canvas For All Your Good Ideas - PSFK

2009 Nov 20, 7:03Whiteboard paint. As in, turn a surface into a whiteboard by applying this paint.
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Apple Admits British Man Invented iPod in 1979, Uses Him to Win Patent Lawsuit - Apple - Gizmodo

2009 Jul 16, 3:28"I was up a ladder painting when I got the call from a lady with an American accent from Apple saying she was the head of legal affairs and that they wanted to acknowledge the work that I had done"
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Nightmarker - IR Paint

2009 May 29, 9:28"During nighttime patrol, persons or vehicles using the entire NightMarker Detection Portocol can illuminate areas from distances of at least 100 meters out and look for disturbances in the road or guardrails. Long Lasting IR Paint and Aerosol Spray is guaranteed to last at least 6 months in direct sunlight."PermalinkCommentsir ir-paint military

Infrared patterns and paint to screw with tourist video/photos | Brad Ideas

2009 May 29, 9:17"Anyway, the idea is to find techniques, be they arrays of bright infrared LEDs, or paints that shine well in infrared but are not obvious in visible light, and create invisible graffiti that only shows up in tourist photos and videos."PermalinkCommentshumor graffiti ir ir-paint magic tourist photography

The Art Institute of Chicago: The Collection: Examination Techniques

2009 May 29, 9:13"Developed in the late 1960s by Dutch physicist J. R. J. van Asperen De Boer, infrared reflectography (IRR) is a technique used to look through the paint layers. ... Many paints will appear partially or completely transparent while others, such as black, will absorb the infrared radiation and appear dark."PermalinkCommentsart history science ir ir-reflectography

IR Ink

2009 May 29, 9:01"These inks are completely invisible to the human eye yet can be seen by using a device which can see in the infrared range - such as our modified cameras and camcorders. These inks do not fluoresce in the visible range, cannot be seen with ultraviolet lights and cannot be seen by the human eye alone." Via and not via .PermalinkCommentsir ir-paint ink purchase

CoCam: Infrared Photography: Recipe for Coating Flash Bulbs with Infrared Paint

2009 May 29, 8:59Don't need to cover _flash bulbs_ with infrared paint, but the paint is to block out all but infrared light so could be useful otherwise. ViaPermalinkCommentsir photography recipe ir-paint

Infrared Paint Link Roundup

2009 May 29, 2:50

I like the idea of QR codes, encoding URLs and placing them on real world objects, but the QR codes themselves are kind of ugly. To make them less obvious I thought I could spray QR codes on to an object with an infrared reflective paint and shine infrared light on the QR codes, since most cameras, for instance the camera in my G1 phone, pick up infrared that our eyes do not.

In my search for infrared paint I've found a seller of IR ink (via programming forum) and an Infrared Paint Recipe (via IR FAQ).

In looking for this paint I've found that it comes up a lot in relation to the military for things like paint markers that are visible at night with proper equipment, and paint that absorbs IR light to make vehicles less obvious to night vision goggles. Even though the first reflects infrared light and the second absorbs it websites end up refering to both as infrared paint which made it difficult to search.

Additionally I found links to some other geeky infrared projects:

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Paintmap | Painting the world

2009 May 3, 4:45Google Maps mashup that maps the real world locations featured in famous paintings.PermalinkCommentsvia:mnot painting art google mashup map

Epic! - Mario Paint Plays 'Paranoid Android' | taking tiger mountain

2009 Mar 7, 4:56Its my favorite song done Mario Paint style.PermalinkCommentsparanoid-android mario-paint mario radiohead music video youtube videogame

Barbie's finger nail painter makes gaming writers beautiful

2009 Jan 10, 1:00We may not have 3D printers yet but this is certainly a step in the correct direction. "A second later, you remove your finger from the terrifyingly feminine gom jabbar, and you have your nail all done and ready to go. A brief cover of clear fingernail polish for protection, and you're ready to go out and enjoy the rest of CES while awkwardly not explaining why you have a heart on your finger."PermalinkCommentsbarbie humor nail ces arstechnica video technology

The Unfinished Swan

2008 Oct 29, 9:40Cool game concept: "The Unfinished Swan is a first-person painting game set in an entirely white world. Players can splatter paint to help them find their way through an unusual garden."PermalinkCommentsvia:swannman game design videogame art 3d xna
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