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2016 Oct 13, 6:19
TIME is really painting themselves into a corner. Still several weeks before election plus aftermath available for additional melting. 

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2015 Mar 29, 11:10
1. House 2. Dressed as house 3. Listening to house 4. Rendition of Brick House 5. While painting house 6. Onto House …

New Paintings Page: Ward Shelley

2010 Feb 4, 2:07Infographic oil paintings of things like the historical influences of avant garde or the life of Frank Zappa.PermalinkCommentsart design visualization information gallery infographics painting ward-shelley via:infosthetics

If It's Hip, It's Here: The LOST Supper & Other TV Casts As The Famous Painting

2010 Jan 6, 2:11PermalinkCommentstv lost last-supper art

Apple Admits British Man Invented iPod in 1979, Uses Him to Win Patent Lawsuit - Apple - Gizmodo

2009 Jul 16, 3:28"I was up a ladder painting when I got the call from a lady with an American accent from Apple saying she was the head of legal affairs and that they wanted to acknowledge the work that I had done"
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Paintmap | Painting the world

2009 May 3, 4:45Google Maps mashup that maps the real world locations featured in famous paintings.PermalinkCommentsvia:mnot painting art google mashup map

The Unfinished Swan

2008 Oct 29, 9:40Cool game concept: "The Unfinished Swan is a first-person painting game set in an entirely white world. Players can splatter paint to help them find their way through an unusual garden."PermalinkCommentsvia:swannman game design videogame art 3d xna

Braid Recommendation

2008 Aug 14, 9:38

Braid screen shot. By gamerscoreblogI recently finished Braid, the Xbox Live game, and a comparison with Portal is helpful. From a screen shot Braid looks like a normal 2D platformer, but that's like looking at a screen shot of Portal and saying its a first person shooter. While the scaffolding of the game-play may sort of fall into that category, the games are actually about exploring the character's ability and solving puzzles. In Portal the ability is bending space and in Braid its bending time. However, whereas in Portal there is one space bending mechanism, the portal gun, Braid's protagonist explores several different time bending techniques including, most prominently, reversing time, but also time dilation, multiple time-lines, and other odd things.

Similar to the difference in game-play, while Portal has a strict simplicity to its visual style, Braid is much more ornate, like you're playing in an oil painting. Without seeing video of the game, or playing the demo (which is available for free on Xbox Live) its difficult to convey, but it is quite lovely and the animation adds quite a bit. Both games too are rather short leaving you just a bit hungry for more and have an interesting plot and an ending that I'd hate to spoil although Braid replaces Portal's humor with melancholy. If you enjoyed Portal and Twelve Monkeys then I'd recommend Braid.

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w/ extra duck. - a set on Flickr

2008 Jul 1, 12:13Famous pieces of art with a yellow rubber duck added.PermalinkCommentsart humor flickr paintings duck

This may look like a fake Mona Lisa. It isn't. It's a fake of a fake Mona Lisa - Times Online

2008 May 19, 12:28"Were he alive, Konrad Kujau, the man who forged...countless paintings, would no doubt feel a tingle of pride for his great-niece...being prosecuted for forging his signature on hundreds of cheap, Asian-made copies of works such as the Mona Lisa..."PermalinkCommentsart history fraud

Periodic Table Printmaking Project

2008 Jan 30, 1:55Periodic table with each element represented as a its own painting by different artists.PermalinkCommentsvia:boingboing science periodic-table-of-elements art visualization

Wooster Collective: A Wooster Exclusive: Banksy Hits New York's Most Famous Museums (All of

2007 Dec 23, 8:44Banksy adds his own pieces to NY's museums.PermalinkCommentsart article culture graffiti hack humor museum nyc painting prank streetart banksy - Vintage Chinese Propaganda Posters

2007 Mar 21, 5:18Get a Chinese propaganda poster personalized with your face in place of the face of someone on the poster.PermalinkCommentsart poster propaganda painting vintage humor china chinese

Ira Mowen's Art

2006 Jan 1, 12:49PermalinkCommentsart ira-mowen portfolio photos paintings
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