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2012 May 23, 3:53

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Bahama Golf Cart Parking

2010 Feb 19, 12:04

sequelguy posted a photo:

Bahama Golf Cart Parking

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How Flash Drives and Social Engineering can Compromise Networks

2010 Jan 22, 1:44"He seeded the customer's parking lot with USB flash drives, each of which had a Trojan horse installed on it. When the employees arrived for work in the morning, they were quite excited to find the free gadgets laying around the parking lot. Employees eagerly collected the USB drives and plugged them into the first computers they came across: their own workstations."PermalinkCommentsvia:ericlaw security usb windows social-engineering computer technical

Signs of Fall Tree

2008 Oct 28, 9:01

sequelguy posted a photo:

Signs of Fall Tree

Immediately after Sarah took this photo, a truck pulled into the empty parking spot and the driver jumped out to apologize for messing up the photo. The driver was a zombie.

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New office, new cubes

2008 Aug 5, 6:32

Second Window OfficeNew Patent CubesMy previous window office was ripped from me when our team moved buildings but now I've got another. The photo is poor because I didn't get the lighting correct and it depicts the office before I've moved all my crap into it. I have a lovely view of our parking lot and freeway which Jane spun as an 'urban view'. At any rate I'm not complaining: I like knowing what its like outside and that there is an outside. The day after I found out about my office, I also got two new patent cubes. I didn't have any pictures last time so I took some now and blacked out their text for fear of laywers.

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Second Window Office

2008 Aug 3, 12:51

sequelguy posted a photo:

Second Window Office

My new window office, before I took out the old furniture and moved in all of my crap. A lovely view of parking lot and freeway.

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Earplug Alarm Clock

2008 Jul 9, 1:37

Dirt PileIn my previous home, just after I moved in, my neighbor which was the city of Redmond's various city government buildings, decided to build a parking structure. This was maybe 30 feet from my window, lasted for at least a year and would regularly wake me up at seven or eight in the morning. Determined to not be so punctual for work, I got earplugs which meant in addition to not hearing the construction outside, I couldn't hear my alarm. I had an idea for a combination ear plug, headphone, alarm clock that I never did anything with, except to write down the phrase "earplug / headphone / alarm clock" on a list that I just now found. In retrospect, I think this problem might be too specific to result in my earplug alarm clock selling well.

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GPS Stolen

2008 Jun 6, 3:03

My GPS was stolen last night or this morning and I'm missing it already. For instance when I drove to Novus glass repair to get my front passenger window replaced I drove down the wrong road for a while.

When I got out of my apartment this morning there was a police car sitting in my parking lot and the officer asked me: "David? ... What'd you leave in your car?". My face must have changed a lot when I had the following sequence of realizations: (a) a police officer is asking for me by name, (b) I'm not in trouble, (c) my car must have been burgled, and (d) my GPS must be stolen.

The officer was waiting outside my complex because someone had reported my car's broken window to the police in the morning. The officer was very courteous and upon taking my date of birth noted that we were born on exactly the same day. The window's safety glass was shattered and lying in tons of tiny pieces all over the passenger seat, my glove box was open and the middle armrest where I keep my CDs was open. Nothing appears to be missing other than the GPS, the GPS power cable, and the GPS dash mount. Adding insult to theft, the their scattered my CDs throughout my car and didn't take any of them, insulting my taste in music.

My car's window should be repaired now and hopefully the rain that came in through the broken window until I covered it with plastic bags (classy!) didn't do any permanent damage.

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Golf Cart Parking

2008 May 28, 11:02

sequelguy posted a photo:

Golf Cart Parking

Kierland Commons shopping center next to the resort had fancy shops, hummers and golf carts.

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Map of main Microsoft Campus including proposed new buildings and parking

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2004 Sep 10, 12:04I got my driver's license today. Imagine that. I lost all of the points that I could on the parallel parking portion of the test. You know in California they don't test you on parallel parking ability. With my new license my functional impairment level has moved from minor to non-existent. Hoo-raw. Incidentally if you search for the phrase "stealth geriatrics" on google, the first link is to a power point presentation entitled "stealth geriatrics." I just thought that was a funny phrase.PermalinkComments
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