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Reporters sans frontieres - Beijing Games 2008

2008 Jul 30, 10:45"Reporters Without Borders therefore offers the following practical advice to foreign journalists to help them cover the human rights situation in China." Install Tor, use PGP and other interesting things.PermalinkCommentscensorship china internet privacy olympics journalism

Gmail S/MIME for Firefox

2007 Oct 15, 1:33Info on a plugin for FireFox that gives GMail S/MIME support. This is a similar idea to the last but these folks have executed the idea in a different fashion.PermalinkCommentsarticle browser blog cryptography crypto mail mime mozilla pgp privacy security extension firefox gmail google

e-ignite: Webmail With Encryption and Signing

2007 Oct 15, 1:31This is a howto on using encryption with web based mail clients. This article suggests a FireFox plugin. I should look into doing this in IE.PermalinkCommentsemail secure webmail google gmail pgp encryption howto article

PGP Signing FOAF Files

2007 Oct 10, 9:21Howto on signing your FoaF documents.PermalinkCommentspgp security signing web trust foaf rdf semanticweb xml encryption howto

RFC 3156 - MIME Security with OpenPGP

2006 Dec 27, 9:37This document describes how the OpenPGP Message Format can be used to provide privacy and authentication using the MIME security content types described in RFC 1847.PermalinkCommentsrfc pgp openpgp mime internet reference privacy encryption security encoding authentication read
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