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If It's Hip, It's Here: Craftsquatch Geeky Pillows & My Suite Stuff Adobe CS Pillows

2009 Aug 11, 7:36Its like favicons on pillows.
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RSS Pillow | Boing Boing Gadgets

2009 Jul 1, 6:06Its an RSS logo pillow: looks good! But it does not help you get to sleep by reading New York Times RSS feeds to you...PermalinkCommentshumor rss cute pillow wishlist technical

YouTube - Seattle Pillow Fight 2008 in Pike Place Market

2008 Apr 2, 6:29A pillow fight in Pike Place Market. "A group of web-connected friends converge at a specified location in the city and at a designated time produce previously concealed pillows and begin an awesome fight."PermalinkCommentsflash-mob seattle washington pike-place-market pillow pillow-fight youtube video humor social via:swannman

Chumby will be cool, despite its name

2008 Feb 19, 1:51PermalinkCommentschumby review flash linux
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