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2016 Jan 27, 9:15
Whatever happened to sitcom couples? Conspiracy and death. https://medium.com/@iamchrisscott/whatever-happened-to-television-s-most-famous-couples-c9d569a892ea#.w2wijr6he … Had to recheck URL I wasn't on clickhole

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2015 Mar 23, 9:04
THE X-FILES IS BACK!!!!! http://www.hitfix.com/the-fien-print/no-conspiracy-fox-resurrects-the-x-files-for-6-episode-run …

Swiss government keeps downloading legal after piracy study

2011 Dec 4, 2:28

“One in three people in Switzerland download unauthorized music, movies and games from the Internet and since last year the government has been wondering what to do about it. … The overall conclusion of the study is that the current copyright law, under which downloading copyrighted material for personal use is permitted, doesn’t have to change.” Wow, that sounds like almost reasonable and understandable copyright law.

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Internet Community Shut Out of Stop Online Piracy Act Hearing - Again

2011 Nov 17, 12:58PermalinkComments

SENSE of RIGHT ALLIANCE | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

2010 Dec 17, 9:16
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File-sharing has weakened copyright - and helped society

2010 Jul 1, 3:33"By charting the production of new books, new music albums, and new feature films over the last decade, the authors tried to see whether creative output went up or down in correlation with file-sharing." They find that creative output is going up while piracy also increases. But this is correlation not causation. They can't say there wouldn't be more creative output with less piracy. Regardless, still an interesting statistic.PermalinkCommentsarstechnica copyright law economics ip piracy music technical

Ars Colloquium: the official ACTA treaty draft and your reactions

2010 Apr 21, 6:47"After years of secrecy (and the occasional leak), a draft of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) treaty has finally been released by negotiators. We've delved deep into the treaty, highlighting its numerous problems. Indeed, there's a lot not to like about the treaty: Internet disconnections, anticircumvention prohibitions, and even the ability for rightsholders to get injunctions if they can show infringement is imminent."PermalinkCommentsarstechnica acta privacy internet todo government politics piracy technical

The Volokh Conspiracy » Blog Archive » The Really Traditional Socratic Method

2009 Dec 20, 1:38The really traditional socratic method: "You ask people hard questions. Then they kill you."PermalinkCommentshumor joke quote socratic socrates

Christ I need a haircut - Bad Science

2009 Mar 25, 4:51The Bad Science guy has a spot on the news on the topic of the poor reporting of science in the news.PermalinkCommentsscience video ben-goldacre mmr media conspiracy immunization

G1 Android Phone

2008 Nov 9, 11:29

T-Mobile G1 Wallpapers by romainguy
I finally replaced my old regular cell-phone which was literally being held together by a rubber band with a fancy new G1, my first Internet accessible phone.

I had to call the T-Mobile support line to get data added to my plan and the person helping me was disconcertingly friendly. She asked about my weekend plans and so I felt compelled to ask her the same. Her plans involved replacing her video card so she could get back to World of Warcraft and do I enjoy computer gaming? I couldn't tell if she was genuine or if she was signing me up for magazines.

I was with Sarah in her new car, trying out the phone's GPS functionality via Google Maps while she drove. I switched to Street View and happened to find my car. It was a weird feeling, kind of like those Google conspiracy videos.

The phone runs Google's open source OS and I really enjoy the application API. Its all in Java and URIs and mime-types are sort of basics. Rather than invoking the builtin item picker control directly you invoke an 'intent' specifying the URI of your list of items, a mime-type describing the type of items in the list, and an action 'PICK' and whatever is registered as the picker on the system pops up and lets the user pick from that list. The same goes if you want to 'EDIT' an image, or 'VIEW' an mp3.

I wanted to replace the Google search box gadget that appears on the home screen with my own search box widget that uses OpenSearch descriptors but apparently in the current API you can't make home screen gadgets without changing parts of the OS. My other desired application is something to replace this GPS photo tracker device by recording my location to a file and an additional program on my computer to apply those locations to photos.

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Tracking the Trackers

2008 Jun 10, 4:52"...we were able to generate hundreds of real DMCA takedown notices for ... nonsense devices including several printers and a (non-NAT) wireless access point."PermalinkCommentssecurity bittorrent copyright dmca legal mpaa piracy printer research riaa washington

Matt Mason on The Pirate's Dilemma - Google Video

2008 Apr 9, 12:51"Matt Mason's keynote on The Pirate's Dilemma, his book on how to compete with piracy... Mason discusses why piracy can be an opportunity as well as a threat, how pirates innovate outside of the marketplace and how legitimate businesses can respond."PermalinkCommentsvideo via:boingboing matt-mason piracy economics the-pirates-dilemma

Cory Doctorow on LIFT Videos || The presentations of the LIFT conference delivered to your desktop.

2008 Jan 2, 4:41Cory Doctorow the always entertaining and informative speaker talks on new business models, DRM, etc. FTA: "Cory Doctorow is an activist, a writer, a blogger, a public speaker, and a technology person. He speaks about "Digital Rights Management" at LIFT0PermalinkCommentsvideo cory-doctorow drm music piracy

YouTube - TENACIOUS D - Jack Black on Piracy

2007 Dec 27, 3:54Jack Black on piracy. Another humorous piracy related video on youtube. Who would have thought?PermalinkCommentspiracy youtube video jack-black humor

TED | Talks | Rives: Is 4 a.m. the new midnight? (video)

2007 Nov 6, 7:34Humorous TED talk based losely on the topic of 4AM.PermalinkCommentshumor video ted conspiracy history politics

YouTube - Piracy Ad - Choses in Action!

2007 Oct 3, 2:55Similar to the previous piracy ad parody but this is what the ad would look like if it were technically accurate.PermalinkCommentsvia:felix42 copyright law legal piracy advertising humor video

YouTube - Anti-Piracy Ad from The IT Crowd

2007 Oct 3, 2:50Parody of anti-piracy ads you may have seen at the beginning of movies recently.PermalinkCommentsvia:felix42 copyright humor video videos piracy legal law advertising politics ip

IEEE Spectrum: The Athens Affair

2007 Jul 14, 12:15How hackers bugged the largest Greek cell provider and listened to government and military officials.PermalinkCommentsarticle ieee cellphone phone conspiracy hack hackers politics privacy security

The Pyramid of Piracy Poster (MPAA)

2006 Sep 25, 10:15PermalinkCommentsmpaa poster piracy irony propaganda

MPAA campaign makes piracy seem totally badass | GoSleepGo.com

2006 Sep 25, 9:57PermalinkCommentsmpaa piracy poster art irony article propaganda
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