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laughingsquid: Pirate Bay Gift Cards

2012 Jun 4, 12:50


Pirate Bay Gift Cards

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Serious Sam’s DRM Is A Giant Pink Scorpion

2011 Dec 7, 12:48

“Serious Sam 3′s DRM is brilliantly cruel, punishing only those who pirated it. By relentlessly pursuing them with a giant invincible armoured scorpion.”

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Google Now Censors The Pirate Bay, isoHunt, 4Shared and More (torrentfreak.com)

2011 Nov 24, 4:06PermalinkCommentstechnical google censorship

obstcp - Google Code

2008 Oct 14, 11:14Similar in concept to the Pirate Bay suggestion of encrypting all TCP/IP connections if both server and client support it: "Obfuscated TCP is a transport layer protocol that adds opportunistic encryption. It's designed to hamper and detect large-scale wiretapping and corruption of TCP traffic on the Internet."PermalinkCommentsinternet tcp encryption security google privacy opensource cryptography network ssl

Flickr: GAMA-GO Photo Royale

2008 Aug 26, 3:34Some enjoyable and surreal photos in here featuring Gama-Go gear. "Gama-Go fans gather round, for this is the place to post your Gama-Go fan photos and sightings! ". I like all the pirate kitty flags in "Greetings from Terschelling".PermalinkCommentsphoto gama-go flickr

Pirate Bay wants total network encryption, but does anyone else?

2008 Jul 10, 4:44More on IPETEE w/ some of the politics and commentary. "The Pirate Bay has ambitious plans to bring end-to-end encryption to all network activity..."PermalinkCommentsarticle encryption privacy security ip cryptography

Matt Mason on The Pirate's Dilemma - Google Video

2008 Apr 9, 12:51"Matt Mason's keynote on The Pirate's Dilemma, his book on how to compete with piracy... Mason discusses why piracy can be an opportunity as well as a threat, how pirates innovate outside of the marketplace and how legitimate businesses can respond."PermalinkCommentsvideo via:boingboing matt-mason piracy economics the-pirates-dilemma
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