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2016 Sep 8, 11:22
@thejohnjansen @k_seks right, diff goals like with Pluto. Casual communication vs technical communication

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2016 Sep 8, 3:05
Planet vs dwarf planet pluto controversy similar to 'is a hotdog a sandwich' controversy. 

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2016 Feb 17, 3:30
Well done, tense, fake Back to the Future prequel trailer: …. Doc must trick terrorists into giving him plutonium.

NOVA | The Pluto Files | Hate Mail from Third Graders (non-Flash) | PBS

2010 Apr 15, 2:52Scans of some of a few instances of hate mail Neil deGrasse Tyson received from elementary school students after demoting Pluto to non-planet status.
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Not My Job: Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson: NPR

2008 Jun 12, 2:33NPR show 'Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!' talks to Neil Tyson about Pluto, impending asteroid impact, and then quizes him on the "long-delayed Guns and Roses album, Chinese Democracy". Did you see him on TDS or Colbert Report? He does fun interviews!PermalinkCommentsnpr audio quiz guns-and-roses neil-degrasse-tyson astrophysicist pluto asteroid humor
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