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2016 Aug 29, 11:40
So there's also this...📺 https://twitter.com/podcaststartup/status/770430060448714752 

Tweet from David Risney

2016 Aug 23, 1:50
Can I pitch a @SamplerShow spin off that is just like Sampler but covers exclusively PFT podcasts and podcast appearances?

Tweet from David Risney

2016 Aug 23, 1:48
Loved @PFTompkins ep of @SamplerShow https://gimletmedia.com/episode/25-paul-f-tompkins-the-mayor-of-podcastland/  including PFTs reaction to Ice-Ts reaction to fake Ice-T PFT conversation.

Tweet from David Risney

2016 Aug 21, 2:43
Podcasters hate paying too much for legal advice.

Tweet from David Risney

2016 Jun 17, 1:04
Podcasters hate going to the post office.

Tweet from Ryan Estrada

2016 Apr 25, 7:05
The mayor of podcasts himself @PFTompkins plays Greg in http://BigData.show  and tries to save the internet!

Retweet of NiemanLab

2016 Feb 3, 4:30
Public radio staffers across the U.S. lay out new guidelines for the "Wild West” of podcast audience measurement http://www.niemanlab.org/2016/02/public-radio-staffers-across-the-u-s-lay-out-new-guidelines-for-podcast-audience-measurement/ …

Tweet from David_Risney

2015 Oct 23, 2:04
The Automation Paradox discussed http://spectrum.ieee.org/podcast/aerospace/aviation/the-benefits-of-risk/ …. Coming soon to all of our cars

Tweet from David_Risney

2015 Aug 23, 7:35
Amazing almost-was revelation on post TAH podcast: David Tennant as Col Tick Tock regeneration. Are we sure its too late? =) @ThrillingAdv

Retweet of thedirtbird

2015 Apr 2, 2:18
combined all the podcast promo codes I've ever heard and now Squarespace owes me $30,000

The Metro Developer Show

2012 Apr 20, 9:15

The Metro Developer Show is the first podcast exclusively for Metro developers and enthusiasts.

Each week Ryan and Travis Lowdermilk traverse the exciting world of Metro (phone, tablet, desktop and Xbox); covering the latest news and exploring what it means for the developer community and everyday users.

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Client Side Cross Domain Data YQL Hack

2012 Feb 27, 2:28

One of the more limiting issues of writing client side script in the browser is the same origin limitations of XMLHttpRequest. The latest version of all browsers support a subset of CORS to allow servers to opt-in particular resources for cross-domain access. Since IE8 there's XDomainRequest and in all other browsers (including IE10) there's XHR L2's cross-origin request features. But the vast majority of resources out on the web do not opt-in using CORS headers and so client side only web apps like a podcast player or a feed reader aren't doable.

One hack-y way around this I've found is to use YQL as a CORS proxy. YQL applies the CORS header to all its responses and among its features it allows a caller to request an arbitrary XML, HTML, or JSON resource. So my network helper script first attempts to access a URI directly using XDomainRequest if that exists and XMLHttpRequest otherwise. If that fails it then tries to use XDR or XHR to access the URI via YQL. I wrap my URIs in the following manner, where type is either "html", "xml", or "json":

        yqlRequest = function(uri, method, type, onComplete, onError) {
var yqlUri = "http://query.yahooapis.com/v1/public/yql?q=" +
encodeURIComponent("SELECT * FROM " + type + ' where url="' + encodeURIComponent(uri) + '"');

if (type == "html") {
yqlUri += encodeURIComponent(" and xpath='/*'");
else if (type == "json") {
yqlUri += "&callback=&format=json";

This also means I can get JSON data itself without having to go through JSONP.
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Judge John Hodgman: the podcast

2010 Nov 19, 8:18PermalinkCommentsEntertainment Funny technical

The Zombie Podcast - We're Alive - A Story of Survival

2010 Oct 28, 10:14PermalinkCommentspodcast zombie audio horror radio-show

Doug Loves Movies

2010 Sep 24, 3:00You'd imagine that putting the folks from the funny podcast The Nerdist onto the funny podcast Doug Loves Movies would be even funnier still -- and you'd be correct: 'Doug welcomes his podcast brethren Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray and Matt Mira of "The Nerdist" to the show.'PermalinkCommentshumor podcast chris-hardwick doug-benson doug-loves-movies

Behind The Code | Shows | Channel 9

2010 Jul 13, 6:27"Occasionally the Technical Community Network group sits down with some of Microsoft’s most influential technical employees to capture their stories. Instead of examining specific technologies, BTC takes a closer look at the person, the career and what it takes to produce world-class software."PermalinkCommentsmicrosoft msdn podcast channel9 c++ programming technical video

Mike Phirman

2010 May 19, 7:17A creative-commons released comedy album. Heard him on the Nerdist podcast where he played live several of the songs you'd imagine someone having a tough time playing live. Humorous and is that Weird Al I hear in Street Meat?PermalinkCommentsmusic humor mike-phirman cc creativecommons


2010 Apr 5, 4:08Kevin MacLeod licenses all his music under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license and available for free on his site. Seems like lots of good instrumentals for background video game music or podcast intros etc.PermalinkCommentsmusic creativecommons cc creative-commons free download archive kevin-macleod mp3

The Moth Podcast

2009 Mar 6, 5:36"The Moth, a not-for-profit storytelling organization, was founded in New York in 1997 by poet and novelist George Dawes Green, who wanted to recreate in New York the feeling of sultry summer evenings on his native St. Simon's Island, Georgia, where he and a small circle of friends would gather to spin spellbinding tales on his friend Wanda's porch."PermalinkCommentsmoth podcast humor rss story nyc community

Top Ten Songes I Learned About via Taggedhype

2008 Dec 29, 2:37"When the Hype Machine finds new songs in the blogosphere, Taggedhype looks up each track's tags on Last.fm and stores the result in Delicious. It's an elegant and useful mashup, that somehow has managed to remain relatively undiscovered."PermalinkCommentsdelicious music tag geek taggedhype via:thefangmonster podcast
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