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2016 Jan 31, 11:27
Combat bad drones? NL police have attack eagles. Better than JP police drones w big nets? http://spectrum.ieee.org/automaton/robotics/aerial-robots/dutch-police-training-eagles-to-take-down-drones …

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2015 Dec 11, 3:14
Big drones with nets capture smaller drones in Tokyo no-fly zone. But where does it end?! http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2015/12/tokyos-drone-squad-will-deploy-10ft-drones-armed-with-nets-to-police-the-sky/ …

U.S. Marshals Seize Cops’ Spying Records to Keep Them From the ACLU | Threat Level | WIRED

2014 Jun 4, 6:08

"A routine request in Florida for records detailing the use of a surveillance tool known as stingray turned extraordinary Tuesday when the U.S. Marshals Service seized the documents before local police could release them."

Also what about the part where the PD reveals that its been using the stingray a bunch without telling any court and blames that on the manufacturer’s NDA.

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LAPD confronts Call of Duty 'Ghost' statue in tense standoff | Polygon

2013 May 31, 7:01PermalinkCommentsvideo-games police

English plainclothes police officer follows himself for 20 minutes

2012 Feb 8, 2:58PermalinkCommentshumor surveillance

Benny Hillifier

2010 Jan 5, 5:58Plays any YouTube video to the Yakety Sax song turning it into a Benny Hill sketch... Found via comments in http://www.boingboing.net/2010/01/05/police-car-chase-wit.htmlPermalinkCommentshumor video mashup youtube music

YouTube - Black cat befriends US cop

2009 Nov 18, 7:30Cat climbs copPermalinkCommentshumor youtube video cat police cute

Printing police handcuff keys … « blackbag

2009 Sep 16, 4:48"German SSDeV member Ray is known all around the world for his impressive collection of handcuffs and his fun ways of opening most of them. ... At HAR he pulled another stunt: He used a 3D printer to print handcuff keys. And not just any ordinary handcuff key … no, it’s the official handcuff key from the Dutch police!" Plus at the bottom a story on the legality of possessing handcuff keys.PermalinkCommentslegal security printer 3d key handcuff police

Police Slog Through 40,000 Insipid Party Pics To Find Cause Of Dorm Fire | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

2009 May 31, 7:52"jeffgrako: HOLLA IF YOUR AT THE #FIRE"PermalinkCommentshumor video satire culture internet fire college phone

Remixes of the paranoid London police "anti-terror"/suspect your neighbours posters - Boing Boing

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Google: If You Commit a Felony, Don't Google It or You'll Go to Jail

2009 Jan 20, 11:40"But, when police searched his computer, they found Google searches from a couple days after the accident like, "auto parts, auto dealers out-of-state; auto glass, Las Vegas; auto glass reporting requirements to law enforcement, auto theft," according to the prosecutor. The coup de grace? He searched for "hit-and-run," which he followed to a page about the hit-and-run he committed."PermalinkCommentsprivacy google internet crime

World of Warcraft - English (NA) Forums -> I played WoW, I became a terrorist (story!)

2008 Dec 29, 12:22"This wasn't my fault. Anyone could have dropped his stupid iPod in the toilet. It's really the government here. I mean, at this point the building contained six customs officials, an army of policemen, people from various security agencies, a bomb squad, and a couple of detectives."PermalinkCommentsipod toilet humor airplane plane security terrorism wow

Secure Beneath The Watchful Eyes on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

2008 Jul 24, 12:59I love this poster but I can't believe it was really displayed by the London Metro. Amazing. Reads: "Secure Beneath the Watchful Eyes, CCTV & Metropolitan Police on buses are just two ways we're making your journey more secure."PermalinkCommentsposter propaganda london england cctv art bus photo flickr privacy security

The Google Maps Prius Hybrid Car Gets a Ticket : TreeHugger

2008 Jun 17, 12:27"... you can see that even the mighty Google is not immune to getting tickets." Google steet view photo car talking with police officer. Were they speeding? =)PermalinkCommentsgoogle humor photo map legal ticket cop prius hybrid via:boingboing

GPS Stolen

2008 Jun 6, 3:03

My GPS was stolen last night or this morning and I'm missing it already. For instance when I drove to Novus glass repair to get my front passenger window replaced I drove down the wrong road for a while.

When I got out of my apartment this morning there was a police car sitting in my parking lot and the officer asked me: "David? ... What'd you leave in your car?". My face must have changed a lot when I had the following sequence of realizations: (a) a police officer is asking for me by name, (b) I'm not in trouble, (c) my car must have been burgled, and (d) my GPS must be stolen.

The officer was waiting outside my complex because someone had reported my car's broken window to the police in the morning. The officer was very courteous and upon taking my date of birth noted that we were born on exactly the same day. The window's safety glass was shattered and lying in tons of tiny pieces all over the passenger seat, my glove box was open and the middle armrest where I keep my CDs was open. Nothing appears to be missing other than the GPS, the GPS power cable, and the GPS dash mount. Adding insult to theft, the their scattered my CDs throughout my car and didn't take any of them, insulting my taste in music.

My car's window should be repaired now and hopefully the rain that came in through the broken window until I covered it with plastic bags (classy!) didn't do any permanent damage.

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vidTO: Pedal Power VS Toronto Police

2008 Apr 7, 3:45Video of an art piece, a pedal powered Buick, taken for a test spin and getting pulled over by the cops.PermalinkCommentsvideo art via:boingboing car bike humor youtube

Teen Arrested for Videotaping Police | Citizen Media Law Project

2007 Jun 17, 11:42PermalinkCommentsvideos legal rights politics via:felix42 law privacy
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