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Tweet from Windows Blogs

2016 Jun 10, 3:01
Using Device Portal to view debug logs for UWP http://blogs.windows.com/buildingapps/2016/06/10/using-device-portal-to-view-debug-logs-for-uwp/ 

Tweet from David_Risney

2015 Nov 12, 1:42
Yay, Mario Maker is getting web portal. Seems absurd Mario Maker levels currently don't have offical web presence http://kotaku.com/mario-maker-is-getting-a-better-way-to-find-good-course-1742223816 …

Retweet of bcrypt

2015 Mar 17, 12:13
i know there's tools to tunnel IP o'er DNS but figuring out captive portal tricks counts as in-flight entertainment IMO

(via Still Alive by Jonathan Coulton, Featuring Sara Quin)

2011 Nov 15, 11:52

(via Still Alive by Jonathan Coulton, Featuring Sara Quin)

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"Additional HTTP Status Codes" - Mark Nottingham, Roy Fielding

2011 Oct 19, 1:01
Describes additional HTTP status codes including 511 for captive portals asking for auth.

Portal 2's Turret Lullaby comic sheds light and lasers on the singing turrets

2011 Oct 2, 4:30
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Erik Wolpaw Talks In Depth About Portal 2 | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

2011 May 11, 7:45

Game Center Lecture Series- Erik Wolpaw from NYU Game Center on Vimeo.

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draft-nottingham-http-portal - The Network Authentication Required HTTP Status Code

2010 Oct 4, 2:05Proposed 428 HTTP error code for hijacking proxies to indicate to the client the user needs to login to the network etc. Glad to see this one's finally happening.PermalinkCommentshttp http-status captive-portal hijack proxy authentication technical rfc reference

Portal 2 is official, first image inside

2010 Mar 5, 6:07PermalinkCommentsportal game videogame

PLoS ONE: Clickstream Data Yields High-Resolution Maps of Science

2009 Nov 23, 11:33A map of the sciences generated via science web portals: "Over the course of 2007 and 2008, we collected nearly 1 billion user interactions recorded by the scholarly web portals of some of the most significant publishers, aggregators and institutional consortia...The resulting model was visualized as a journal network that outlines the relationships between various scientific domains and clarifies the connection of the social sciences and humanities to the natural sciences."PermalinkCommentsvia:pskomoroch visualization science map graph

ASCIIpOrtal | Cymons Games

2009 Sep 23, 3:13ASCIIpOrtal is now released!PermalinkCommentsascii text game videogame humor portal valve free via:waxy

Dynamic CSRF White Paper Posted — Portal

2009 Aug 21, 3:13"At Black Hat USA 2009 and Defcon 17 Nathan Hamiel and Shawn Moyer introduced an attack called Dynamic Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF). This white paper discusses the attack and discusses several Dynamic CSRF attack vectors." Seems to require sites trying to secure CSRF scenarios using session IDs in their URLs.PermalinkCommentssecurity csrf research browser web technical

Clips: The Kids In The Hall Think Portal Is HILARIOUS

2008 Nov 20, 11:30KITH + Portal! "We're not sure how deep into the goof juice the Kids in the Hall were when troupe funnyman Scott Thompson started sulking and playing Portal in the back of the tour bus, but something got into Kids during this sad little gaming session. Yes, the comedic stylings of Valve writer Erik Wolpaw are most amusing, as is the struggle of watching Thompson attempt to do anything more than move a cube - uncrouch already! - but something tells me there's something magical in those cups. Thanks for the tip, Sascha23!"PermalinkCommentsportal video humor valve kith scott-thompson

OpenID being Balkanized even as Google, Microsoft sign on

2008 Oct 30, 12:13On hearing news of Live ID supporting OpenID this is pretty much exactly what I was thinking: "With every big portal acting as a provider but not a consumer of identity credentials, users are still going to wind up creating accounts for more than one service (says this user of Flickr and Google Calendars). When it comes to third-party sites, they may not need to remember a new username and password, but they will have to remember to which of the providers they chose to provide the credentials for their account. Anyone who slips up may wind up with three or more identities on a single website, with different data associated with each."PermalinkCommentsopenid identity microsoft google

Braid Recommendation

2008 Aug 14, 9:38

Braid screen shot. By gamerscoreblogI recently finished Braid, the Xbox Live game, and a comparison with Portal is helpful. From a screen shot Braid looks like a normal 2D platformer, but that's like looking at a screen shot of Portal and saying its a first person shooter. While the scaffolding of the game-play may sort of fall into that category, the games are actually about exploring the character's ability and solving puzzles. In Portal the ability is bending space and in Braid its bending time. However, whereas in Portal there is one space bending mechanism, the portal gun, Braid's protagonist explores several different time bending techniques including, most prominently, reversing time, but also time dilation, multiple time-lines, and other odd things.

Similar to the difference in game-play, while Portal has a strict simplicity to its visual style, Braid is much more ornate, like you're playing in an oil painting. Without seeing video of the game, or playing the demo (which is available for free on Xbox Live) its difficult to convey, but it is quite lovely and the animation adds quite a bit. Both games too are rather short leaving you just a bit hungry for more and have an interesting plot and an ending that I'd hate to spoil although Braid replaces Portal's humor with melancholy. If you enjoyed Portal and Twelve Monkeys then I'd recommend Braid.

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YouTube - Skullmonkeys - The Lil Bonus Room music

2008 Jul 25, 1:52Music that played in a bonus room of the game Skullmonkeys. Cited by Jonathan Coulton as inspiration for the Portal end theme.PermalinkCommentsvideo music humor skullmonkeys lil-bonus-room videogame

RPS Interview: Valve's Erik Wolpaw | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

2008 Jun 30, 5:45Erik on writing for games vs books: "Even worse for game writers, the 98% garbage part of a game isn't even usually garbage because instead of reading something boring about the history of Belgium, the "reader" probably gets to jump a Camaro over a dinoPermalinkCommentsgame humor interview valve portal article erik-wolpaw

Jonathan Coulton - The MP3 Store

2008 Mar 17, 10:16Jonathan Coulton's music available as CC mp3s. He did 'Still Alive' the ending theme for Portal and 'Re: Brains' the zombie song.PermalinkCommentsjonathan-coulton mp3 music download humor cc copyright

Funde Razor '07 Grand Prize Announced - Funde Razor '07

2007 Nov 27, 4:19Cool life size weighted companion cube plush toys.PermalinkCommentshumor portal weighted-companion-cube hl2 valve toy purchase via:boingboing

Portal is fun; the cake is a lie!

2007 Oct 22, 4:47I purchased the Orange Box off of Steam a bit ago and like others before me who have discussed elsewhere, I already owned two of the five games that come from the Orange Box. However, the combined price of HL2E2 and Portal, the two games I actually wanted was supposedly equivalent to the price of the Orange Box bundle. Incidentally, if anyone would like HL2 or HL2E1 I can gift them to you.

HL2E2 was excellent of course but the big surprise for me was Portal. (Mild spoilers follow) It has a sort of zen simplicity: there are a few simple game-play mechanics, a handful of textures and objects, and a deceptively simple story all used well and tied together to produce an entertaining and polished game. It seems a bit short but its probably better to end with the gamer demanding more. The humor and the sort of play within a play aspect of the game is what really sold me though. It has the funniest ending theme I've heard (also blogged by the creator). The voices of the automated turrets are so adorable I would feel compelled to hug them if they weren't always trying to kill me. Additionally the weighted companion cube seems like an experiment in understanding gamers' attachment to NPCs. In this case the NPC is a box and yet I still felt awful incinerating it. The whole time I was vaguely reminded of Solitary the reality show that sticks contestants alone in small rooms forcing them to endure various tests all the while being watched by a humorous computer with a female voice. Someone should sue...

RPS has articles on Portal including a Portal review, a page suggesting Portal is a tale of lesbianism, and others.PermalinkCommentshl2e2 game hl2 solitary valve portal nontechnical
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