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stamen design | big ideas worth pursuing

2009 Apr 23, 4:46Some lovely data visualizations. Is their Crimespotting visualization supposed to look like the map interface from GTA3SA? "Since 2001, Stamen has developed a reputation for beautiful and technologically sophisticated projects in a diverse range of commercial and cultural settings."PermalinkCommentsblog web art visualization information interactive interface portfolio mashup

Effektive CV/Poster Mailer on the Behance Network

2009 Mar 22, 10:35Graphic designer's awesome resume.PermalinkCommentsresume internet art design portfolio

Feltron Eight

2008 Sep 16, 4:25I'd seen the previous year's Feltron Annual Report but not the rest of the portfolio. Great stuff.PermalinkCommentsblog art visualization statistics data portfolio design

portfolio - Mandy Greer

2008 Jun 19, 11:58Mandy Greer's portfolio on her website.PermalinkCommentsart mandy-greer portfolio

15 Views of a Node Link Graph: An Information Visualization Portfolio - Google Video

2007 May 13, 6:59Presentation on graph visualization.PermalinkCommentsdata information design google video visualization graph

feltron vii

2007 Apr 13, 3:06A personal annual report. This makes me want to spend time recording data about each day so that I can see how may times I ate out, phone calls made, etc, etc. On second thought that sounds tedious.PermalinkCommentsart chart data design humor information personal portfolio report statistics visualization


2007 Apr 11, 5:24The portfolio of Christopher Conte who makes cool steampunk sculpturesPermalinkCommentsart steampunk christopher-conte

Ira Mowen's Art

2006 Jan 1, 12:49PermalinkCommentsart ira-mowen portfolio photos paintings
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