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Retweet of adamakraft

2015 Jul 5, 12:52
@samplereality The @ConfederateBot is a new protest bot that retweets pro-Confederate tweets as if they were pro-Nazi.

Super Mario Bloco em Santa! (by only4crap) Also, great...

2012 Feb 28, 7:20

Super Mario Bloco em Santa! (by only4crap)

Also, great BoingBoing comment:


The slow pace of the initial march and the placards makes it look more like an Occupy World 1-1 protest march.

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MemeCats: #OccupyPopTarts

2011 Oct 20, 12:00PermalinkCommentslolcats memecats memes nyan cat occupy wall street politics protests signs technical

San Francisco’s Answer to Westboro Baptist Church

2010 Jan 30, 1:23"I Have a Sign" protest sign.
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DSC04581 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

2009 Aug 13, 9:46An awesome health care protest sign. I've made a huge mistake.
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Protest Culture -- Ad Hoc vs Institutional, and What it Means (Event Video/Audio) | Berkman Center

2008 Mar 31, 3:43Clay Shirky talks to a very small audience. Starts with more examples like prev. video. @20:30 describes interesting problems he hasn't resolved. @31:04 interesting exchange between listeners and Clay.PermalinkCommentsvideo cooperation social web politics law internet culture collaboration community

deathboy: anonymous vs scientology

2008 Feb 11, 1:25A blog post on an Internet organized protest of scientology in England. Great photos.PermalinkCommentshumor cult scientology protest blog england internet religion meme

FRONTLINE: the tank man | PBS

2006 Apr 17, 11:24Documentary on the effect of the Tiananmen Square protest on ChinaPermalinkCommentsdocumentary history politics tv video pbs the-tank-man tank-man tiananmen tiananmen-square china culture protest
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