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Three Reasons Why We Buy Those Crazy Steam Bundles « The Psychology of Video Games

2010 May 30, 9:20PermalinkCommentsvia:mattb psychology game video-game steam economics technical

Color Survey Results « xkcd

2010 May 4, 10:51Survey asks you for your gender and color blindness status and then shows you various colors one by one and asks you to type the name. The results of this survey are presented here. Very few differences between genders but there's plenty of interesting results in this document.PermalinkCommentsvia:swannman science statistics color psychology xkcd humor art

Dan Gilbert asks, Why are we happy? | Video on

2010 Feb 1, 9:25Synthesized happiness at around 11min sounds a lot like my relationship with my phone.PermalinkCommentsvideo ted psychology happiness

Dolores Labs Blog » Altruism on Amazon Mechanical Turk

2010 Jan 28, 2:36Amazon's Mechanical Turkers enact the Prisoners Dilemma.PermalinkCommentsamazon mechanical-turk psychology economics prisoners-dilemma

Question Suggestions - small voyages into the collective psyche of humans who ask google questions

2009 Jul 29, 4:40Lists of Google's search suggestions for the starts of various phrases. Sometimes humorous.
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frontline: the persuaders | PBS

2009 Jun 2, 5:11"THE PERSUADERS: What's going on in the world of today's marketers and advertisers? What are the new and surprising methods they're using to decipher who we are and what we want? And where is this taking us?"PermalinkCommentsvideo advertising business propaganda documentary pbs psychology marketing

What happened to me and the new girl (or: "The girl who cried Webmaster") - The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century

2009 Jun 1, 2:03Wow, read this without expectations of what its about. This is the second identity-theft/Internet/personal-relationships story I've read. It makes me think we need VeriSign to do cert verification for personal relationships but then I must remind myself that this must not be very common...PermalinkCommentsvia:swannman identity identity-theft story psychology web blog joey-devilla

ComplimentBot 4000 | Refresh for more love

2009 May 31, 7:35"thanks for using the ComplimentBot 4000"PermalinkCommentshumor compliment psychology for:hellosarah

New Scientist Short Sharp Science Blog: What do your belongings say about you?

2008 Jul 22, 6:15Determine one's personality based on their home. Feels like pop science, fortune cookie results still fun though: "Sam Gosling, psychologist ... analysed photos from a handful of New Scientist readers to see what he could deduce about their personalitiesPermalinkCommentsscience psychology article personality

growabrain: Elevator problems

2008 Apr 21, 2:24"Unlike the engineers who saw the service as too slow, he saw the problem as one deriving from the boredom of those waiting for an elevator. ... He suggested putting mirrors in the elevator lobbies to occupy those waiting by enabling them to look at themsPermalinkCommentsprogress-bar psychology elevator
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