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ANTLR Cheat Sheet - ANTLR 3 - ANTLR Project

2008 Oct 2, 9:26Cheat sheet on ANTLR's syntax. ANTLR's another language parser generator.PermalinkCommentsantlr cheat parser language grammar opensource java software syntax quickreference

Welcome - doctype - Google Code

2008 May 16, 5:29Wiki filled with HTML, CSS, and other webdev type stuff from Google. Looks like almost everyone in my delicious network has added this already...PermalinkCommentsvia:kris.kowal google html css reference quickreference wiki

Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.1 (Second Edition)

2007 Sep 13, 6:27XML StandardPermalinkCommentsxml quickreference reference development specification w3c documentation

RSS 2.0 Specification (RSS 2.0 at Harvard Law)

2007 Apr 25, 1:43The RSS spec.PermalinkCommentsdocumentation quickreference rss reference specification standard xml

Opera Speed Dial Code-less Hack for IE7

2007 Apr 17, 11:45Opera (the fifth most popular web browser) has a new feature named Speed Dial (video of it in action). Whenever you open a new tab you get your Speed Dial view which consists of nine thumbnails of user-settable pages. Its like a quick-favorites that appears every time you open a new tab. I think this is a neat idea and was considering how I might do that in IE7. The following is my hack-y and ugly but no coding required version of Speed Dial for IE7. I like my hack and I'm about to expound upon it in unnecessary detail so skip to the last paragraph if you're afraid of losing interest.

By default in IE7, whenever you open a new tab you navigate to 'about:Tabs'. As noted in wikipedia the result of navigation to 'about:Tabs' is determined by values in the registry. Specifically, values in the key in "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\AboutURLs". Usually this fact is exploited by malicious software to hijack "about:blank" and show you ads but we can hijack it too in order to display our Speed Dial-ish page.

Of course since this is a code-less hack we've got limited options on what to change 'about:Tabs' to display. It should have the following requirements.
  1. Something local so that our 'about:Tabs' doesn't disappear when we go offline and so that its relatively fast.
  2. The user should be able to modify its content.
  3. Show links that the user uses.
  4. Show thumbnails of those links
  5. Provide easy to use drag and drop interaction and generally look cool.
Now, I use del.icio.us which allows me to store all of my favorites online and which provides RSS feeds that list my saved links. New in IE7 is an RSS platform that will, among other things, cache RSS feeds locally. So, by pointing about:Tabs to my del.icio.us feed 'http://del.icio.us/rss/sequelguy/quickreference' I get (1) from IE7's RSS support, and (2) and (3) from del.icio.us. Of course requirements (4) and (5) are missing but hey, I said this was ugly.

In summary, if you change the registry value "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\AboutURLs!Tabs" to point to an RSS feed of your favorites you can get a hack-y version of Opera's Speed Dial. I should note that although its referenced on pages such as wikipedia changing your 'about:Tabs' URI in the manner I describe is not documented and not supported by Microsoft. There could be all kinds of horrible repercussions from this change of which I'm not aware. Yeah, actually you know what? Forget I said any of this. Pretend I never wrote it...PermalinkCommentsbrowser technical hack

Java Platform SE 6 - JavaDocs

2007 Feb 9, 1:12Documentation on Java 6PermalinkCommentsjava API development documentation help javadoc programming reference sun standard quickreference

Atom - RFC 4287 - The Atom Syndication Format

2007 Jan 21, 5:13ATOM XML syndication format specification.PermalinkCommentsatom rss feed reference rfc specification xml web syndication quickreference

CSS2.1 Index of syntax elements

2007 Jan 19, 5:23Index of CSS2.1 syntax elementsPermalinkCommentscss reference index quickreference web internet ietf w3c

HTML4 IETF - Elements and Attributes Index

2007 Jan 19, 5:21Index of all elements and attributes in the HTML4 standard.PermalinkCommentshtml web w3c reference quickreference

HTML DOM IE Reference

2007 Jan 19, 5:20Reference for script programming for IE.PermalinkCommentsdhtml html dom reference javascript ie programming microsoft msdn development css quickreference

PHP Manual

2007 Jan 19, 5:06PHP standes for "PHP Hypertext Preprocessor". Its an open source, server side scripting language. Its running my homepage.PermalinkCommentsphp programming reference development web webdesign code documentation software open-source opensource quickreference

XSL Transformations (XSLT)

2006 Nov 29, 11:35The Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation specification.PermalinkCommentsxhtml w3c standards specification reference xsl xslt quickreference

XML Path Language (XPath)

2006 Nov 13, 2:12Official docs on the XPath language. XPath allows you to describe pieces of an XML document by navigating and filtering the XML heirarchy via a string that looks like a file system path.PermalinkCommentsxml xpath w3c reference development programming internet quickreference

JavaScript Reference 1.5: Core JavaScript Reference

2006 Feb 2, 10:21PermalinkCommentsdevelopment javascript language reference internet script quickreference
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