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@ericlaw @fugueish not to be that person.. (Well, actually, yes, I'm that person :) - HTTPS hyperlinks start with HTTP as well.

Sarah and Rachel on Beach

2010 Feb 28, 11:34

sequelguy posted a photo:

Sarah and Rachel on Beach

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Thanksgiving 2009

2009 Nov 29, 1:32

Pre Thanksgiving DinnerSarah and I had Thanksgiving dinner at our house the Sunday before. Sarah's parents and siblings came as well as my parents who came up for the a handful of days. It was our first time hosting Thanksgiving so I was a little nervous, but my parents helped us setup and get ready so of course it went well! I cheated a bit: I ordered a turkey online from Whole Foods where you can just tell them when you want to pick it up, they have it cooked and ready including garnish and you just need to warm it up. When we moved in together Sarah and I each had slightly different small dining room tables. Thankfully they're roughly the same height and width and we could put them together end to end and seat everybody with no room to spare. On actual Thanksgiving day we went over to Rachel & Anson's lovely new place for Thanksgiving and the annual game of Trivial Pursuit.

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Conceptual Trends and Current Topics

2009 Oct 15, 6:33"Besides the canonical Bristlecone Pine, there are many other organism on earth that will outlive you. Photographer Rachel Sussman has been traveling around the world to find and photograph them."
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The Life and Death of Jesse James - An internet love mystery - Josh Olson

2008 Nov 16, 10:26Josh Olson's short story 'The Life and Death of Jesse James - An internet love mystery'.PermalinkCommentsshort-story jesse-james internet love josh-olson via:rachel


2007 Apr 21, 11:38This previous Wednesday, I went to trivia at the Wilde Rover. Our team consisted of Sarah, myself, Jane, Eric, Rachel, and Ansen. Before the last round we were 16th (out of ~32) but after the final round we were 6th! The previous time Sarah played there the exact same thing happened. Of course you must be in the top five to win money (or last place who gets their money back). You could say, of those who didn't get any money we did the best! I didn't contribute too much except for spotting a street from Paris in the picture round and knowing which generation the Wii is of Nintendo home consoles. Mostly I focused on increasing our bill =)PermalinkCommentsbar game personal trivia nontechnical
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