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Patterns for using the InitOnce functions - The Old New Thing - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

2011 Apr 8, 2:32"Since writing lock-free code is issuch a headache-inducer,you're probably best off making some other people suffer the headachesfor you. And those other people are the kernel folks, who have developedquite a few lock-free building blocks so you don't have to. For example, there's a collection of functions for manipulatinginterlocked lists.But today we're going to look at theone-time initialization functions."PermalinkCommentstechnical windows programming raymond-chen lock thread-safety

The Old New Thing : Advantages of knowing your x86 machine code

2010 Feb 19, 2:27Raymond's tips for modifying x86 assembly code while debugging.PermalinkCommentstutorial debug debugging technical assembly x86 windows raymond-chen tips

The Old New Thing : Can I talk to that William fellow? He was so helpful

2009 Nov 23, 11:47'Bill Gates is being taken on a guided tour of the product support department's new office building...Bill puts on a headset, sits down, and answers the phone. "Hello, this is Microsoft Product Support, William speaking. How can I help you?"'PermalinkCommentshumor microsoft bill-gates raymond-chen support history

The Old New Thing : Clap and the filter graph claps with you

2009 Apr 7, 12:45"First, you started up the application and picked a video clip. The video clip just sat there. As you started clapping, the video clip started playing. If you clapped at about 80 beats per minute, the video clip played at its normal speed. If you clapped faster, the video clip ran faster. If you clapped slower, the video clip ran slower. If you stopped clapping, the video clip stopped. It was freaky cool. Totally useless, but freaky cool."PermalinkCommentshumor clap video raymond-chen filter-graph reference-clock

The Old New Thing : The history of calling conventions, part 5: amd64

2009 Apr 1, 6:19"The first four parameters to a function are passed in rcx, rdx, r8 and r9. Any further parameters are pushed on the stack. Furthermore, space for the register parameters is reserved on the stack, in case the called function wants to spill them; this is important if the function is variadic."PermalinkCommentsamd64 calling-convention debug x64 msdn raymond-chen assembly

The Old New Thing : How does Raymond decide what to post on any particular day?

2009 Feb 27, 11:00Raymond Chen has a years worth of blog content written and scheduled! "To give you an idea of how far in advance I write my blog entries, I wrote this particular entry on February 13, 2008. ... this particular entry ended up on February 27, 2009 because that was the next available open day. ... Now, with a buffer of over a year, I do have quite a bit of leeway in choosing when any particular article is published." Humorous commentor John writes in response: "If you were to disappear off the face of the Earth, how long would it be before we knew?"PermalinkCommentsblog raymond-chen writing humor

The Old New Thing : Nicolas Bourbaki, perhaps the biggest inside joke in mathematics

2007 Oct 15, 11:30Raymond talks about false names used in math publications.PermalinkCommentsmath humor raymond-chen blog article

The Old New Thing : Windows Server 2003 can take you back in time

2007 Sep 28, 11:13Using Win2K3's timewarp featurePermalinkCommentsbackup windows timewarp microsoft blog raymond-chen tips howto

Given a choice between two options, you influence the result by adding a third, inferior, alternative (The Old New Thing)

2007 Apr 23, 1:31As noted in the title, an interesting result from researchers who find that a third result which is clearly worse than the two other options will influence people picking from those two.PermalinkCommentsarticle raymond-chen business game-theory decoy-effect

Old New Thing, The: Practical Development Throughout the Evolution of Windows - $31.99

2006 Dec 18, 1:34Raymond Chen has made a book from the various lessons learned from his blog.PermalinkCommentsraymond-chen old-new-thing blog book programming windows

The Old New Thing : This might be for real, even though it comes out at 7am

2006 Nov 7, 4:48Readers of Raymond Chen's blog speculate that Raymond isn't real because the blog is too consistent. Funny.PermalinkCommentsraymond-chen humor blog article robot history

Raymond Chen's Blog: The Old New Thing

2006 Apr 4, 12:32PermalinkCommentsraymond-chen blog daily microsoft msdn programming software windows

The Old New Thing : Why Daylight Savings Time is nonintuitive

2006 Apr 3, 7:04I dislike Daylight Savings Time. Also I'm not fond of timezones. Boo on timezones.PermalinkCommentsblog raymond-chen microsoft msdn timezone daylight-savings-time FileTimeToLocalFileTime LocalFileTimeToFileTime programming csharp c++ windows
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