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Dumpster Diving by Macro-Sea | SpaceInvading

2009 Jul 23, 10:22Using dumpsters (clean ones) as pools
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The Afterlife of Cellphones - Cellular Telephone - Waste Materials - Recycling - New York Times

2008 Jan 25, 1:49Article on consumer electronics waste, recycling, and associated companies.PermalinkCommentsvia:ethan_t_hein article electronics recycle nytimes cellphone phone


2007 Aug 6, 4:07I've moved from my previous apartment in Redmond into Sarah's condo in Kirkland. Over the past week I'd been coming home from work and packing and sorting all of my belongings. Everything had a few destination options: I donated two carts of computer related junk (two CRTs, two desktops, six laptops, untold number of cables, piles of network and sound cards, etc) to RE-PC and six garbage bags of clothing that I either never wear or into which I have worn holes into friendly looking clothing donation bins. Of course I still need to find some place to get rid of my 15 inch CRT TV, VCR, DVD player, and X-Box. I finally emptied my bags of coins that had been collecting for about seven years (one of the bags was from my college orientation) through Coinstar and got ~$160. Some items seemed to fit very well at work like my satirical RIAA propaganda poster and my Darth Vader Nutcracker. This past weekend I had movers come and actually move my furniture. Most of its now in storage except for my living room which is moved into Sarah's second bedroom. Now all I have to do is unpack...PermalinkCommentsmove personal repc recycle nontechnical


2007 Jul 31, 3:09RE-PC takes computer and computer hardware related (cables, printers, etc etc) donations and either recycles them via refurbishing and reselling or recycling the components of the dontations through enviro. friendly means.PermalinkCommentshardware seattle pc recycle shopping purchase donate

ScrapHouse - Visit

2007 Apr 11, 11:02House made entirely of recycled material built on the San Francisco Civic Center Plaza. Watch the video tour of this piece of artPermalinkCommentsart architecture design video san-francisco house scraphouse

DishMaker (leonardo bonanni ยป Posts)

2007 Mar 9, 1:54An invention that creates and recycles dishes for you.PermalinkCommentsfabrication food design art neat-fp tool video
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