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[whatwg] [WhatWG] Some additional API is needed for sites to see whether registerProtocolHandler() call was successful

2009 Apr 7, 12:14This makes plenty of sense, that a site should be able to check if a protocol handler exists for some URI scheme, but it'd be nice if this were some sort of declaritive fallback plan rather than having to do it all with script. "The HTML5 standard function registerProtocolHandler() should probably remain void as in standard, but WhatWG could invent yet another boolean protocolRegistered("area"), with the only argument (protocol name as string), to check whether a protocol is registered."PermalinkCommentshtml5 registerProtocolHandler html script url uri scheme protocol

Mark Finkle's Weblog - Firefox 3 - Web Protocol Handlers

2009 Apr 7, 12:12HTML5's registerProtocolHandler seems to come from a cool FireFox 3 feature: "With web protocol handlers, the web application can register the specific protocol it wants to handle. Firefox will then prompt the user to choose which of the registered applications (web or desktop) it should use to handle the action. Any protocol, real or imaginary, can be used - mailto: is only one example, webcal:, tel: and fax: are others."PermalinkCommentsfirefox uri scheme protocol mozilla html5 registerProtocolHandler

HTML 5 - 5.7.2 Custom protocol and content handlers

2009 Apr 7, 10:45HTML 5 allows websites to register themselves as handlers of particular URI schemes and particular content-types. I think this is great, but I'm surprised it doesn't support POSTing files to allow for interactions with local content.PermalinkCommentshtml5 url uri protocol reference html standard javascript webbrowser registerProtocolHandler

Thoughts on registerProtocolHandler in HTML 5

2009 Apr 7, 9:02

I'm a big fan of the concept of registerProtocolHandler in HTML 5 and in FireFox 3, but not quite the implementation. From a high level, it allows web apps to register themselves as handlers of an URL scheme so for (the canonical) example, GMail can register for the mailto URL scheme. I like the concept:

However, the way its currently spec'ed out I don't like the following: PermalinkCommentsurl template registerprotocolhandler firefox technical url scheme protocol boring html5 uri urn
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