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Salmon Protocol: Protocol Summary

2010 Jun 20, 2:05A more friendly summary of the Salmon Protocol -- the distributed commenting procotol. After telling Sarah I was reading about salmon, we watched the Salmon Dance video again.PermalinkCommentstechnical salmon protocol comment atom rss social reference

Draft: The Salmon Protocol

2010 Jun 20, 1:18Protocol for doing distributed commenting and implemented by Google Buzz! "This document defines a lightweight, robust, and secure protocol for sending unsolicited notifications — especially comments and responses on syndicated feed content — to specified endpoints; along with rules to enable resulting content to itself be syndicated robustly and securely."PermalinkCommentscomment blog atom rss google buzz salmon reference specification protocol syndication technical

YouTube - The Chemical Brothers - The Salmon Dance

2007 Oct 26, 12:00I don't know why I find this song so humorous.PermalinkCommentsmusic video youtube the-chemical-brothers salmon the-salmon-dance humor
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