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Kalle Mattson - Water Falls (Official Video) / HYPNO SF (by...

2012 Jul 13, 6:46

Kalle Mattson - Water Falls (Official Video) / HYPNO SF (by KalleMattson)

Some wonderful sequences in this video!

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2010 Feb 22, 8:27Its a building with the furniture escaping through windows... artPermalinkCommentsart san-francisco building window furniture

San Francisco’s Answer to Westboro Baptist Church

2010 Jan 30, 1:23"I Have a Sign" protest sign.
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An Extraordinary Home. This 3 ++ bedroom 2.5 bathroom Single Family located at 601 Dolores Street, Mission Dolores, San Francisco, California is presented by John L. Woodruff III & Marcus Miller, MA Realtor/Broker Associates of Hill & Co. Real Estate.

2009 May 19, 1:43Lovely, although a bit out of my price range. "Formerly the Golden Gate Lutheran Church, this stunning Gothic Revival style building is now one of the most extraordinary and largest single family homes in San Francisco."PermalinkCommentsfor:hellosarah photo house home church california san-francisco flickr slideshow via:boingboing church-home

Justin Frankel's blog

2009 Mar 10, 9:22PermalinkCommentsgraffiti cultural-disobediance legal san-francisco nullsoft justin-frankel blog

How renters work the system to live for free in one of America's most expensive cities - News - SF Weeklypage 4 - SF Weekly

2008 Aug 18, 3:46Legal corner case bugs exploited for free rent in SF. "Getzow is getting pretty well known along the Polk Street corridor. Unlike other serial evictees, who move among different neighborhoods, all of his eight evictions in San Francisco have occurred in a 20-block area known as Lower Nob Hill."PermalinkCommentsarticle legal rent house eviction san-francisco

Schmap - Photo Inclusion - Customize your Schmap Widget!

2008 Feb 16, 11:30The Schmap San Francisco Guide used a couple of my Flickr photos.PermalinkCommentsme photo san-francisco photos schmap

ScrapHouse - Visit

2007 Apr 11, 11:02House made entirely of recycled material built on the San Francisco Civic Center Plaza. Watch the video tour of this piece of artPermalinkCommentsart architecture design video san-francisco house scraphouse
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