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2016 Feb 12, 1:52
I want to live in a world where coding is as awesome as it appears in the movies #Hackers #NeedASkateboard

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2015 Oct 15, 10:05
Pinboard founder Maciej Ceglowski in his Strata+Hadoop keynote says to not collect or store data. "Haunted by Data" …

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2015 Feb 11, 1:12
Months later still can't stop watching @MattBesser and The Vandals 'Its Got To Be Ska'. … Besser skanking is the best.

Command line for finding missing URLACTIONs

2011 May 28, 11:00

I wanted to ensure that my switch statement in my implementation of IInternetSecurityManager::ProcessURLAction had a case for every possible documented URLACTION. I wrote the following short command line sequence to see the list of all URLACTIONs in the SDK header file not found in my source file:

grep URLACTION urlmon.idl | sed 's/.*\(URLACTION[a-zA-Z0-9_]*\).*/\1/g;' | sort | uniq > allURLACTIONs.txt
grep URLACTION MySecurityManager.cpp | sed 's/.*\(URLACTION[a-zA-Z0-9_]*\).*/\1/g;' | sort | uniq > myURLACTIONs.txt
comm -23 allURLACTIONs.txt myURLACTIONs.txt
I'm not a sed expert so I had to read the sed documentation, and I heard about comm from Kris Kowal's blog which happilly was in the Win32 GNU tools pack I already run.

But in my effort to learn and use PowerShell I found the following similar command line:

(more urlmon.idl | %{ if ($_ -cmatch "URLACTION[a-zA-Z0-9_]*") { $matches[0] } } | sort -uniq)
(more MySecurityManager.cpp | %{ if ($_ -cmatch "URLACTION[a-zA-Z0-9_]*") { $matches[0] } } | sort -uniq)
In the PowerShell version I can skip the temporary files which is nice. 'diff' is mapped to 'compare-object' which seems similar to comm but with no parameters to filter out the different streams (although this could be done more verbosely with the ?{ } filter syntax). In PowerShell uniq functionality is built into sort. The builtin -cmatch operator (c is for case sensitive) to do regexp is nice plus the side effect of generating the $matches variable with the regexp results.
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For Consumers - Alaska, Oregon and Western Washington BBB

2009 Aug 17, 6:33Lookup the Better Business Bureau's stats on businesses in the Northwest.PermalinkCommentsbusiness washington economics

The Longest Way 1.0 - one year walk/beard grow time lapse on Vimeo

2009 Aug 6, 8:06"Man shaves head, walks across China for a year, grows beard & crazy hair, and takes daily photos and short videos of himself along the way". Like the hair and the ska!PermalinkCommentsvia:kottke hair photo video timelapse china travel ska

Ice Skating Rink

2008 Dec 30, 8:30

sequelguy posted a photo:

Ice Skating Rink

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Bills Posted on Pole

2008 Jun 24, 9:52

sequelguy posted a photo:

Bills Posted on Pole

Posts concerning two Ska Fests and a Dodge Ball After Party posted on a light pole.

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Jamendo : Combat Circus

2008 Mar 5, 3:14Combat Circus by Talco. An Italian ska album under creative commons.PermalinkCommentscc music talco combat-circus italian ska mp3

NLC tries Creative Commons (Nebraska Library Commission Blog)

2008 Feb 21, 10:01Nebraska Library Commission beings including electronic and printed versions of Creative Commons books in their library.PermalinkCommentslibrary creative-commons copyright catalog cory-doctorow via:boingboing

Ska-toon on Yo Gabba Gabba! - Boing Boing

2008 Jan 21, 12:25The line 'pick it up' finally making some sense. FTA: "...We recently saw an episode featuring this terrific ska cartoon about picking up after yourself.... the catchy tune is performed by ska musicians GOGO13 and Hepcat's Alex Desert."PermalinkCommentshumor video ska music yo-gabba-gabba pick-it-up

Gorillaz - Lil' Dub Chefin' Rare!

2007 May 23, 2:09Ska remix of Gorillaz M1A1PermalinkCommentsmusic video music-video youtube gorillaz spacemonkeyz remix ska m1a1

the pAved earth - Home Page

2007 Apr 4, 1:23Home page of the pAved earth Internet radio station.PermalinkCommentsalternative music radio ska paved-earth

the pAved earth 56k Music Stream - crock alternative progressive indie ska - REQUESTS

2007 Apr 4, 1:23the pAved earth is an Internet radio station playing crock alternative progressive indie and ska.PermalinkCommentsmusic ska alternative paved-earth radio
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