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Linus Torvalds: "Microsoft hatred is a disease" - Ars Technica

2009 Jul 28, 3:39Linus Torvalds: "I'm a big believer in "technology over politics"...I may make jokes about Microsoft at times, but at the same time, I think the Microsoft hatred is a disease." This goes well with his previous quote calling Slashdot a "big public wanking session".PermalinkCommentslinux linus-torvalds microsoft politics technical

Slashdot slashdots Slashdot - Boing Boing

2009 Feb 10, 10:51This meme-tastic comment made me laugh.PermalinkCommentshumor boingboing slashdot meme

Ad Blocking built into IE7

2007 Sep 11, 2:55There's been some news recently on some guy hating on FireFox for its ad-blocking.

On a similar note here's a fun tip for IE7 users I got from Eric. You can get decent ad-blocking in IE7 by putting ad servers in the restricted zone. By default script inclusion is blocked between different zones so you can put domains that serve up ads in your restricted zone after which, normal internet zone sites won't be able to include script from them. This covers most of the ads I run into these days.

I use Fiddler to figure out the domains that are serving up ads which incidentally also has an ad-blocking^H^H^H^H general purpose content blocking plugin. Here's a screenshot of Slashdot and ArsTechnica from my browser. Notice the large blank areas in the screenshots:
PermalinkCommentsad-blocking personal ad ie7 technical browser tip ie

Slashdot | LiveJournal Says Users are Responsible for Content of Links

2007 Sep 4, 1:52Do I need to look for a new blogging service? I'll just keep backing up my content...PermalinkCommentsblog censorship internet livejournal

IE7 Feed Display Update

2007 May 22, 3:22I've created an update to the IE7 feed display.

After working on my update to the XML source view I tried running my resourcelist program on other IE DLLs including ieframe. I found that one of the resources in ieframe is the XSLT used to turn an RSS feed into the IE7 feed display.

My first thought for this was that I could embed enclosures into the feed display. For instance, have controls for videos or podcast audio files directly in the feed display. However, I found that I can't use object or embed tags that rely on ActiveX controls in the page or in frames in the feed display.

With that through I decided I could at least add support for some RSS extensions. Thanks to IE7's RSS platform which provides a normalized view of RSS feeds it was really easy to do this. I went to several popular RSS feeds and RSS feeds that I like and took a look at the source to see what extensions I might want to add support for.

For I added support for their RSS extension which includes digg count, and submitter name and icon. I added the digg count in a box on the right and tried to make it fit in stylistically. For the iTunes RSS extension I add the feed icon, feed author, and descriptions. I was surprised by how much of the podcasts content was missing from the feed view. I also added support for a few other misc things: the slash RSS extension's section and department, the feed description to the top of the feed display, and the atom author icon.

I wonder what other goodies lurk in IE's resources...PermalinkCommentsfeed res slashdot digg resource itunes technical browser ie rss extension

hit_parade definition (Developing Feeds with Rss and Atom - Google Book Search)

2007 May 15, 9:16Definition of the elusive hit_parade element in the slash RSS extension.PermalinkCommentshit_parade rss slashdot slash slashcode

Slashdot User - SequelGuy

2006 Dec 4, 6:31My profile on SlashdotPermalinkCommentsme proldfile slashdot blog

Linus Torvalds comments on Slashdot

2005 Dec 29, 3:37Linus says Slashdot is "big public wanking session": "I don't tend to bother about slashdot, because quite frankly, the whole _point_ of slashdot is to have this big public wanking session with people getting together and making their own "insightfulPermalinkCommentsslashdot linus humor linux trademark

Slashdot Comment - Buried in email?

2005 Apr 3, 6:35PermalinkCommentsslashdot humor real

Slashdot Comment - Setting Up The Greenpeace Ship w/WiFi

2005 Apr 3, 4:20PermalinkCommentshumor slashdot advice

Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters

2005 Mar 27, 6:25SlashdotPermalinkCommentsslashdot news nerds monthly
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