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Mario 3 recreated with CSS3 animations and media queries (

2012 Nov 1, 2:48PermalinkCommentscss animation Mario smb3 video-game

Nintendo Game Maps

2011 Sep 28, 10:22They've got maps from your favorite NES games as giant images. I'm using SMB3 1-1 as my desktop background. I've got a four monitor setup now and so its tough to find desktop backgrounds but Mario levels easily cover my whole desktop.PermalinkCommentsgame videogame map nintendo nes

The Super Mario Bros. 3 'rainbow riding' LUA hack - Offworld

2009 Apr 15, 7:30Another cool Mario hack via some sort of awesome emulator: "...the FCEUX emulator includes a second LUA script that turns Super Mario Bros. 3 into the DS game Nintendo never made. The hack disables direct control of Mario completely, and only allows you to manipulate him (and protect him from the rest of the world) via mouse-drawn lines ala the DS's Kirby Canvas Curse and Atari's The Chase."PermalinkCommentsgame video mario smb3 videogame emulator
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