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Tweet from NASA Planetquest

2017 Jan 26, 10:25
See another solar system! These are real images of a 4-planet system ~130 light-years from . Read about it: 

Tweet from David Risney

2016 Sep 19, 3:05
@David_Risney Scan reveals the creatures are passive and no threat. But... they're so... ugly. Time to leave this solar system forever.

solarbird: Perfect.

2013 Jul 28, 1:46



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Solar Wi-Fi Flowers Create Harmony Between Man, Nature And Machine - The Design blog

2009 Jul 23, 10:32Toyota's 3rd gen Prius ad. campaign features giant solar powered flowers that seat ten, provide free wi-fi and power, and will be placed outdoors in major cities across the US.
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Solar power for cheap cold food and pure water - Short Sharp Science - New Scientist

2009 Jan 8, 5:06"But low-tech ways to harness the Sun's energy can have big impacts too, as these two new simple solar gadgets for use in poor areas of the world show: a solar-powered fridge and a drinking water steriliser, without a single moving part between them."PermalinkCommentssolar solar-power news science drinking-water water

Solar, with lyrics. on Vimeo

2008 Apr 9, 11:00Cool music visualization. "Made with Processing. Audio by Goldfrapp ("Lovely Head" off her first album)."PermalinkCommentsvia:boingboing art video animation music goldfrapp

Solar Death Ray

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