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RB 196: The Rally Cry of SOPA

2012 Apr 2, 8:28

Field producer Melissa Galvez speaks to Susan Crawford, Micah Sifry, Nicco Mele, and others to find out how the grassroots campaign to bring down SOPA/PIPA was built, and what it says about organizing on the internet.

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Herpderpedia, A Collection of Tweets by People Freaking Out About Wikipedia’s SOPA & PIPA Blackout

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(via Defend our freedom to share (or why SOPA is a bad idea):...

2012 Jan 18, 3:21

(via Defend our freedom to share (or why SOPA is a bad idea): Clay Shirky on

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Anti-SOPA registrar will help you leave GoDaddy for anywhere, even the competition

2011 Dec 23, 1:42

I’ve heard of hover previously. Sounds like a good place to go.

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In Response to SOPA, Reddit Meshnet Project picks up steam (

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