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TorrentMeter – A steampunk bandwidth meter

2010 Nov 15, 12:00PermalinkCommentsArts technical

Crawler Town

2010 Feb 23, 3:13Amazing Lego crawling town
PermalinkCommentslego art photo flickr steampunk via:boingboing

Fantasy Magazine - Guest Column: Five Thoughts On The Popularity Of Steampunk

2008 Sep 26, 2:22This made me laugh: "People think of goths as weirdoes who take vampires too seriously, and therefore they can't help being worried on some level that a crazy goth might, you know, want to make them bleed. Whereas steampunks are - what? Weirdoes who take pocket-watches too seriously? What are they gonna do, vehemently tell you what time it is?"PermalinkCommentssteampunk article goth scifi geek via:ethan_t_hein / Science fiction and fantasy / Stories / Down on the Farm by Charles Stross

2008 Jul 22, 5:17Down on the Farm by Charles Stross. Short scifi story with elements of steampunk and a math/csc based version of the occult.PermalinkCommentsmath scifi fiction free tor literature charles-stross

Welcome to Airship Ventures

2008 May 12, 5:13Finally, geez! "Airship Ventures is a corporation formed with the objective of bringing Zeppelin NT airships to the USA for commercial air tours, media and advertising operations, scientific research, and special missions."PermalinkCommentssteampunk travel zeppelin via:kris.kowal

SILVER TYPE KEY CUFFLINKS | Silver Type Key Cufflinks with Authentic, Vintage Typewriter Letters for Writers and Antique Lovers | UncommonGoods

2007 Dec 23, 1:58PermalinkCommentsgift purchase cufflink keyboard steampunk

Chronotheric Fluxing Capacitron - a photoset on Flickr

2007 Oct 29, 1:01FTA: "A prop to accompany my Halloween 2007 costume, which was a 19th century time traveler."PermalinkCommentshumor flickr photos photo steampunk time-travel bttf flux-capacitor

Dark Roasted Blend: Creepy High Voltage Installations

2007 Jul 4, 11:21Photos of a giant high voltage installationPermalinkCommentsphotos steampunk architecture electricity history science technology weird

2007 Apr 11, 5:24The portfolio of Christopher Conte who makes cool steampunk sculpturesPermalinkCommentsart steampunk christopher-conte

Telegraph Clacks out RSS Feeds - The Steampunk Workshop

2007 Mar 30, 2:10From the guy who did the 1920s keyboard this is a telegraph piece that taps out RSS feeds in morse code.PermalinkCommentssteampunk telegraph rss video

Steampunk Keyboard Mod

2007 Feb 22, 7:07What a keyboard would have looked like a century ago.PermalinkCommentsart computer hack hardware keyboard cool steampunk neat-fp
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