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laughingsquid: Stick-N-Find, Tiny Bluetooth Stickers Help You...

2013 Jan 4, 5:35


Stick-N-Find, Tiny Bluetooth Stickers Help You Keep Track of Things


(via Taxi-window sticker: our security stinks and your credit...

2012 Feb 15, 5:14

(via Taxi-window sticker: our security stinks and your credit card will be sniffed)

Don’t you have to meet some minimum security requirements to process credit card transactions?

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A Brief History of Microsoft's Live Search's New Domain Bing

2009 Jun 1, 11:07
Logo for bing! from 2003 via The Wayback MachineLogo for BING* from 2006 via The Wayback MachineKimberly Saia's flickr photo of the Microsoft bing search logo.
When I heard that Live Search is now Bing one of my initial thoughts was how'd they get that domain name given the unavailability of pronouncable four letter .COM domain names. Well, the names been used in the past. Here now, via the Wayback Machine is a brief, somewhat speculative, and ultimately anticlimactic history of

The new name reminds me of the show Friends. Also, I hope they get a new favicon - I don't enjoy the stretched 'b' nor its color scheme.

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Bumper Sticker: Re-elect *SENATOR* John McCain 2008 [Arizona Flag]

2008 Jul 3, 12:17Humorous Obama bumper sticker that says: "Re-elect *SENATOR* John McCain 2008 [Arizona Flag]"PermalinkCommentspolitics humor bumper-sticker via:boingboing

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2008 Jun 9, 11:34Sticker depicting two CC camers with the text 'Orwell was Right' under.PermalinkCommentssticker orwell purchase shirt product camera privacy
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