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Thread Local Storage, part 1: Overview « Nynaeve

2011 Aug 6, 1:53Description of the inner workings of both of Window's TLS options, the Win32 APIs like TlsAlloc as well as __declspec(thread). I didn't know that the max number of TLS indices is now 1088.PermalinkCommentsblog programming development windows debug tls thread-local-storage

Using client-side storage, today. ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog

2011 Apr 5, 5:14A JS wrapper script that lets you use storage in IE6/7 via userData or localStorage every where else.PermalinkCommentsjavascript html web webbrowser storage technical userdata localstorage

The Emperor’s New APIs: On the (In)Secure Usage of New Client-side Primitives

2010 May 6, 7:43Covers case studies of insecure usage of HTML5 cross-document messaging and web storage.PermalinkCommentshtml html5 web browser security technical webstorage research facebook google system:filetype:pdf system:media:document

Database - WEBAPPS

2010 Mar 5, 10:21Document explaining the relationship between the various web storage APIs coming out of HTML 5. To summarize:
Web Storage (aka DOM Storage) - simple key/value pairs API.
WebSimple DB API - now called Indexed Database API.
Indexed Database API and Web SQL Database - competing database APIs.
Application Cache - Storage of HTTP resources for offline apps.
DataCache API - A programmatically modifiable Application Cache.PermalinkCommentshtml html5 standard programming technical wiki w3c database storage web

Safari Dev Center: Safari Client-Side Storage and Offline Applications Programming Guide: HTML 5 Offline Application Cache

2010 Jan 26, 1:47Details on Safari and iPhone's HTML5 offline app cache.PermalinkCommentshtml web technical html5 cache safari iphone

Geekologie - Evolution of Storage Infographic

2009 Nov 29, 2:01PermalinkCommentsvia:boingboing storage information infographics visualization poster system:filetype:jpg system:media:image

Coding Horror: The Paper Data Storage Option

2009 Aug 3, 11:06"But how efficient is the alphabet at encoding information on a page?"PermalinkCommentsvia:ericlaw humor paper storage encoding

Guidelines for Media Sanitization - Recommendations of the National Institute of Standards and Technology

2009 Jul 29, 3:18PermalinkCommentssecurity computer storage nist erase technical system:filetype:pdf system:media:document

Nintendo GDC keynote: Wii Storage, new Zelda, world domination - Ars Technica

2009 Mar 25, 1:03Finally more storage for all those virtual console games I download: "What is going to interest gamers, however, is the expanded support for storage on the Nintendo Wii. The new update for the Wii Menu allows you to download and launch content straight from an SD card, and there is now support for SDHC cards, meaning you can cheaply add as much storage to your system as you'd like. A game was shown launching from a memory stick, with only a short loading time."PermalinkCommentsnintendo wii videogame storage

Outline View Internet Explorer Extension

2009 Mar 23, 8:13

I've made another extension for IE8, Outline View, which gives you a side bar in IE that displays an outline of the current page and lets you make intrapage bookmarks.

The outline is generated based on the heading tags in the document (e.g. h1, h2, etc), kind of like what W3C's Semantic data extractor tool displays for an outline. So if the page doesn't use heading tags the way the HTML spec intended or just sticks img tags in them, then the outline doesn't look so hot. On a page that does use headings as intended though it looks really good. For instance a section from the HTML 4 spec shows up quite nicely and I find its actually useful to be able to jump around to the different sections. Actually, I've been surprised going to various blogs how well the outline view is actually working -- I thought a lot more webdevs would be abusing their heading tags.

I've also added intrapage bookmarks. When you make a text selection and clear it, that selected text is added as a temporary intrapage bookmark which shows up in the correct place in the outline. You can navigate to the bookmark or right click to make it permanent. Right now I'm storing the permanent intrapage bookmarks in IE8's new per-domain DOM storage because I wanted to avoid writing code to synchronize a cross process store of bookmarks, it allowed me to play with the DOM storage a bit, and the bookmarks will get cleared appropriately when the user clears their history via the control panel.

PermalinkCommentstechnical intrapage bookmark boring html ie8 ie extension

petacentres - a set on Flickr

2008 Sep 9, 8:31Cory Doctorow's Flickr set of photos from various data centers (like CERN's LHC data center).PermalinkCommentsphotos flickr data storage history internet cory-doctorow cern internet-archive lhc

GML | GeoRSS :: Geographically Encoded Objects for RSS feeds

2008 Mar 4, 12:27A description of GeoRSS: "Geography Markup Language (GML) is an XML grammar written in XML Schema for the modelling, transport, and storage of geographic information"PermalinkCommentsgeorss rss feed atom geo reference standards xml

SHUT THE BOX | Classic sailors' dice game in wooden chest with wine bottle storage | UncommonGoods

2007 Dec 23, 1:59PermalinkCommentsgames gift shopping wine box

Video Woes

2007 Aug 15, 3:30PermalinkCommentstechnical youtube video personal livejournal homepage

Storage robot at your service: a review of the Drobo: Page 1

2007 Aug 7, 1:33A review from ArsTechnica of a backup storage device named Drobo.PermalinkCommentsarticle review purchase backup storage hardware


2007 Aug 6, 4:07I've moved from my previous apartment in Redmond into Sarah's condo in Kirkland. Over the past week I'd been coming home from work and packing and sorting all of my belongings. Everything had a few destination options: I donated two carts of computer related junk (two CRTs, two desktops, six laptops, untold number of cables, piles of network and sound cards, etc) to RE-PC and six garbage bags of clothing that I either never wear or into which I have worn holes into friendly looking clothing donation bins. Of course I still need to find some place to get rid of my 15 inch CRT TV, VCR, DVD player, and X-Box. I finally emptied my bags of coins that had been collecting for about seven years (one of the bags was from my college orientation) through Coinstar and got ~$160. Some items seemed to fit very well at work like my satirical RIAA propaganda poster and my Darth Vader Nutcracker. This past weekend I had movers come and actually move my furniture. Most of its now in storage except for my living room which is moved into Sarah's second bedroom. Now all I have to do is unpack...PermalinkCommentsmove personal repc recycle nontechnical

International Schools Tech: Taxonomy of Knowledge

2007 Jun 4, 4:39David Weinberger (of Everything is Miscellaneous) gives talk about how the Internet has or will change storage and structure of information in a Google Tech Talk.PermalinkCommentsgoogle video taxonomy david-weinberger

Geek to Live: Automatically back up your hard drive - Lifehacker

2006 Dec 20, 4:27How to easily setup automatic backup (Windows)PermalinkCommentsbackup howto windows software computer storage tools article blog tool
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