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Welcome to TypeScript

2012 Oct 1, 6:41

TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript that adds interfaces, and type safety and compiles to JavaScript. In VS this means you get much better auto completion suggestions.  Watch the Channel9 video.

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A Taxonomy on Private Use Fields in Protocols

2011 May 22, 10:36Notes and suggestions for private use fields in protocols and formats.PermalinkCommentsietf rfc protocol technical private-use

i am extremely terrified of canadian people :: What do you suggest?

2010 Mar 4, 1:15The 'What do you suggest' site lets you explore Google suggestions word by word in a lovely tree view. For instance, apparently folks are terrified of Canadians...PermalinkCommentshumor google suggest visualization canada

Extreme JavaScript Performance

2009 Nov 12, 3:35Presentation comparing the performance of different JavaScript operations on different web browsers. Suggestions cover full range of good to know to common sense to ugly ugly ugly.PermalinkCommentsvia:thefangmonster performance javascript browser web technical tips presentation

Question Suggestions - small voyages into the collective psyche of humans who ask google questions

2009 Jul 29, 4:40Lists of Google's search suggestions for the starts of various phrases. Sometimes humorous.
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Flickr Visual Search in IE8

2009 Apr 10, 9:48

A while ago I promised to say how an xsltproc Meddler script would be useful and the general answer is its useful for hooking up a client application that wants data from the web in a particular XML format and the data is available on the web but in another XML format. The specific case for this post is a Flickr Search service that includes IE8 Visual Search Suggestions. IE8 wants the Visual Search Suggestions XML format and Flickr gives out search data in their Flickr web API XML format.

So I wrote an XSLT to convert from Flickr Search XML to Visual Suggestions XML and used my xsltproc Meddler script to actually apply this xslt.

After getting this all working I've placed the result in two places: (1) I've updated the xsltproc Meddler script to include this XSLT and an XML file to install it as a search provider - although you'll need to edit the XML to include your own Flickr API key. (2) I've created a service for this so you can just install the Flickr search provider if you're interested in having the functionality and don't care about the implementation. Additionally, to the search provider I've added accelerator preview support to show the Flickr slideshow which I think looks snazzy.

Doing a quick search for this it looks like there's at least one other such implementation, but mine has the distinction of being done through XSLT which I provide, updated XML namespaces to work with the released version of IE8, and I made it so you know its good.

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IEBlog : Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 Now Available

2008 Aug 27, 12:22IE8 Beta2 is now available. This blog post mentions some of the features I like best in this release, like the updated address bar, visual search suggestions, and tab grouping.PermalinkCommentsmicrosoft ie browser ie8 beta blog article

17 powerful bookmarklets for your iPhone at LifeClever ;-) Tips for Design and Life

2007 Sep 10, 4:29Bookmarklet suggestions for the iPhone.PermalinkCommentsapple iphone bookmarklets browser hack script javascript

Unspun IE List

2007 Jun 21, 2:38Unspun is a social list creation website from Amazon. For instance, you could create a list named 'Most Desired Features for Next Version of Internet Explorer' and users of Unspun fill in and rank the answers. There's a mix of serious answers that are excellent suggestions, fan-boy answers that are lame, uninformed answers that are already implemented, and hilarious answers that are awesome. The following is the very short unsorted list of the awesome suggestions.
Innovative Anti-Phreaking Technology
Given the work done in IE7 on anti-phishing, subsequent work on anti-phreaking just makes sense.
AXELROD 2.8 Acceleration with XML Bindings
I'm not sure what AXELROD 2.8 is but accelerating it sounds good. Also I enjoy binding things to XML so...
Larger Buttons for My Mighty Fingers
For maximum humor this should be read by Richard Horvitz as Zim of Invader Zim. This one makes me laugh every time I read it.
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Joined LiveJournal

2003 Feb 12, 1:35After much insisting and assisting from Jessica, I have a Live Journal account. Hopefully in the near future I'll be able to make it look respectable and add in more friends. Thanks for the code and suggestions Jessica. This morning, I ran around collecting various forms from a plethora of offices in an attempt to figure out how to graduate. I had a modicum of success and I'm fairly happy, but all this thinking about the future has left me feeling tired and little time to study for Chemistry, or, as I refer to it, the class I hope I don't have to take next quarter. Speaking of which, I really should get back to that. Or maybe I'll just go to sleep.PermalinkComments
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