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Atlantis Beach with Palm Tree in Sun

2010 Feb 28, 11:36

sequelguy posted a photo:

Atlantis Beach with Palm Tree in Sun

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Nightmarker - IR Paint

2009 May 29, 9:28"During nighttime patrol, persons or vehicles using the entire NightMarker Detection Portocol can illuminate areas from distances of at least 100 meters out and look for disturbances in the road or guardrails. Long Lasting IR Paint and Aerosol Spray is guaranteed to last at least 6 months in direct sunlight."PermalinkCommentsir ir-paint military

Sunlight Labs: Blog - What is this Don't Click business?

2009 Apr 5, 5:24A cross-site request forgery issue in Twitter posts to your Twitter account for you if you're logged in. Be careful what your RESTful APIs look like.PermalinkCommentsvia:swannman security twitter xss
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