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Draft: The Salmon Protocol

2010 Jun 20, 1:18Protocol for doing distributed commenting and implemented by Google Buzz! "This document defines a lightweight, robust, and secure protocol for sending unsolicited notifications — especially comments and responses on syndicated feed content — to specified endpoints; along with rules to enable resulting content to itself be syndicated robustly and securely."PermalinkCommentscomment blog atom rss google buzz salmon reference specification protocol syndication technical The Atom Link Model

2009 Jun 3, 9:55"A "via" link is simply a link back to the site where you found the article you're linking to. Atom has a link tag for this scenario: ." Is there an HTML version?PermalinkCommentsatom rss xml link syndication via

Atom - RFC 4287 - The Atom Syndication Format

2007 Jan 21, 5:13ATOM XML syndication format specification.PermalinkCommentsatom rss feed reference rfc specification xml web syndication quickreference

Simple Sharing Extensions for RSS and OPML

2006 Nov 28, 3:42This is an RSS extension that enables sharing and sync'ing of data between different applications.PermalinkCommentsrss sse xml microsoft opml syndication sharing reference msdn simple-sharing-extension specification read
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