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Tweet from NASA Planetquest

2017 Jan 26, 10:25
See another solar system! These are real images of a 4-planet system ~130 light-years from . Read about it: http://go.nasa.gov/2kySSt1 

Tweet from David Rousset

2016 Dec 6, 8:45
Creating an extension for all browsers: , , , & : https://www.davrous.com/2016/12/07/creating-an-extension-for-all-browsers-edge-chrome-firefox-opera-brave/ 

Tweet from Jen Gentleman 🌺

2016 Nov 4, 8:39
If you ever see a dialog box in this style & need to record what it said, instead of typing it out, just CTRL+C ➡📋

Tweet from Open Culture

2016 Nov 2, 4:31
Read the CIA’s Simple Sabotage Field Manual. How to Subvert Organizations with “Purposeful Stupidity” (1944) http://bit.ly/2dbnooU 

Tweet from Michael Taggart

2016 Oct 9, 11:42
@BreetzTweetz @dwf In the late 22nd century, warp probes were launched to every corner of the galaxy containing the spec for H.264

Tweet from Jen Gentleman 🌺

2016 Oct 8, 2:19
In case you were wondering: Yes, the new address bar that was added to RegEdit supports Alt+D to set keyboard focus 😊

Tweet from Clickbait Robot

2016 Sep 26, 12:53
18 Screwdrivers That Look Like Matt LeBlanc

Tweet from Mike Birbiglia

2016 Aug 24, 11:12
When people hack someone's shit you have a responsibility as a decent person to not look at it. You're better than that.

Tweet from Garrett Serack

2016 Aug 18, 2:57
For the record, yes you can run on Linux in Bash on Windows (aka ) /cc @bitcrazed @bradwilson

Tweet from Buzz Aldrin

2016 Jul 26, 12:25
47 years ago I submitted my travel voucher reimbursement for my trip to the moon.

Tweet from Jen Gentleman

2016 May 13, 3:51
You can use the curser controller just by flicking it 😉 📱 pic.twitter.com/Gl9FB5YAq6

Tweet from Bobak Ferdowsi

2016 Apr 22, 4:40
Hi, you may know me from space, but did you know Earth is my favorite planet? Love it & each other.

Tweet from Kumail Nanjiani

2016 Apr 5, 11:22
Terrified that the will reveal I never beat Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Retweet of xeni

2016 Feb 25, 10:15
Yep. #nightlyshow pic.twitter.com/EUX3uVTBPH

Retweet of xeni

2016 Feb 20, 1:22
If the #BernieSanders campaign lacked punk street cred before, they got it now. Them's some optics indeed. pic.twitter.com/g1sv86YAvH

Retweet of SwiftOnSecurity

2016 Feb 16, 5:06
#MustRead Apple CEO Tim Cook's letter to customers on FBI's request for assistance hacking an iPhone 5c http://www.apple.com/customer-letter/ …

Retweet of BetaHorton

2016 Feb 12, 1:52
I want to live in a world where coding is as awesome as it appears in the movies #Hackers #NeedASkateboard pic.twitter.com/ai1JkrarTH

Retweet of Ghostbusters

2016 Feb 11, 11:08
Whether you have a date or not, the world ends on Valentine's Day. Bummer. #Ghostbusters

Retweet of AndyPavia

2016 Feb 11, 1:33
@k_seks @jarennert Using FaceDetect on a Raspberry Pi #WebOnPi #IoT #windows10 @MSEdgeDev pic.twitter.com/Qk2PyoedBP

Retweet of FxSiteCompat

2016 Jan 27, 7:44
#Firefox 46 Developer Edition is out! Non-HTTPS pages w/ login form are now marked insecure https://www.fxsitecompat.com/versions/46/  pic.twitter.com/o2WZ6K2KxN
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