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Language Log ยป Google Books: A Metadata Train Wreck

2009 Sep 10, 8:22Geoff Nunberg investigates issues in Google Books and in the comments Google Book's team manager responds in the comments. Apparently metadata is bad everywhere and not an issue new to the Web and user generated content or tagging. Like finding Feynman lectures categorized as Death Metal on Napster back in the day.PermalinkCommentslanguage google library metadata catalog

Some Datasets Available on the Web - Data Wrangling Blog

2009 Feb 23, 10:34Lots of neat web APIs. Added to Delicious network. "Over the past year, I've been tagging interesting data I find on the web in del.icio.us. I wrote a quick python script to pull the relevant links from my del.icio.us export and list them at the bottom of this post. Most of these datasets are related to machine learning, but there are a lot of government, finance, and search datasets as well."PermalinkCommentsapi data semanticweb information reference

Wordle - SequelGuy's Delicious Tags

2008 Jun 19, 4:53Create word art from your Delicious tags or any arbitrary block of text. Neat.PermalinkCommentsme delicious tag tagging word

Pages tagged with "wtf" on del.icio.us

2008 Feb 27, 2:39Title says it all. The ratio of interesting stuff to not is pretty good.PermalinkCommentsvia:ethan_t_hein humor delicious links social tag tagging wtf

Reuters Wants The World To Be Tagged - ReadWriteWeb

2008 Feb 8, 3:24FTA: "...Using a mix of natural language processing, AI techniques, and a massive databases, Reuters' solution extracts important bits of information from raw HTML pages. People, Companies, Places, and Events are really at the heart of many business articPermalinkCommentsvia:sambrook api reuters news tagging semantic semantic-web web

Flickr: The Commons

2008 Jan 16, 2:58Library of Congress puts up photo collections on Flickr. Neat!PermalinkCommentscopyright flickr library-of-congress library congress photo photography tagging community

LibraryThing: A Social Cataloging Web Site Webcast (Library of Congress)

2007 Nov 15, 4:12Tim Spalding founder of LibraryThing gives a talk to the Library of Congress folks about his website LibraryThing. Focus on tagging vs taxonomy. Some humorous things in the talk as well.PermalinkCommentslibrary-of-congress library librarything books tagging video ontology tim-spalding taxonomy

Joho the Blog

2007 Nov 4, 6:44David Weinberger's blog. He wrote Everything is Misc.PermalinkCommentsdavid-weinberger web monthly copyright folksonomy information homepage blog taxonomy tagging research

SciVee: Pioneering New Modes of Scientific Dissemination | Pioneering New Modes of Scientific Dissemination

2007 Sep 11, 9:56Its like YouTube for sciencePermalinkCommentscommunity youtube video tagging social science research education

Bokardo - The Del.icio.us Lesson

2007 Aug 15, 3:16Reasons why del.icio.us style tagging is different and better than things that have come before it.PermalinkCommentsarticle blog business taxonomy tagging delicious folksonomy reference tag ontology

Full Text: Keen vs. Weinberger - WSJ.com

2007 Jul 26, 12:05A debate between David Weinberger (of Everything is Miscellaneous) and Andrew Keen (of Cult of the Amatuer) on the Web as the end of intelligent society. Of course since I'm posting this on delicious its clear who I favor in this debate.PermalinkCommentsdavid-weinberger blog article debate taxonomy tagging social community web

LibraryThing blogs (combined feed)

2007 Jul 25, 11:25An interesting blog from Tim of LibraryThingPermalinkCommentsblog librarything metadata folksonomy library taxonomy book books tagging monthly


2007 Jun 17, 11:44Social tagging of museum pieces.PermalinkCommentssteve steve.museum art tag tagging folksonomy museum social via:felix42

Everything is Miscellaneous

2007 May 29, 1:00A blog on informationPermalinkCommentsblog information library reference social tag folksonomy tagging monthly metadata

Vizicious Search

2007 Apr 8, 9:27This is a search shortcut for Vizicious my delicious heirarchy visualization tool.PermalinkCommentsshortcut: delicious tool personal tag tagging ontology folksonomy

MAKE: Blog: HOW TO geotagg del.icio.us bookmarks

2007 Apr 8, 9:05Geotagging used in your delicious tags so you can plot your delicious links on Google Earth.PermalinkCommentsmake article blog delicious google geo tag tagging hack mashup map

boz - web bookmarking

2007 Apr 8, 9:02Bookmark things on delicious very privately. This is an actual tool this time that uses encryption to ensure that even delicious doesn't know what you bookmarked.PermalinkCommentsbookmark cryptography encryption privacy delicious tag tagging tool

Jon Udell: Semi-private bookmarking in del.icio.us

2007 Apr 8, 9:01How to bookmark things privately on del.icio.usPermalinkCommentsblog article delicious folksonomy howto identity privacy tag tagging jon-udell semi-private bookmark

del.icio.us categorizer

2007 Apr 8, 8:56My delicious account has been queued for analysis so I haven't tried it yet. But it sure sounds like my vizicious tool.PermalinkCommentsdelicious tool folksonomy ontology tagging


2007 Apr 8, 8:35Del.icio.us does cool things with videos, music, and images that you post to del.icio.us. I haven't seen this previously because I'm generally posting a page containing these things to get context... oh well.PermalinkCommentsdelicious howto reference tag tagging video images
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