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LED Tetris Tie V2 (by Bill P)

2013 Jul 23, 1:47

LED Tetris Tie V2 (by Bill P)

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laughingsquid: Tetris Stackable LED Desk Lamp

2013 Apr 13, 12:57


Tetris Stackable LED Desk Lamp

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enochliew: Tetris Street Art by Gaffa gallery Located in Sydney...

2012 Jun 25, 2:40


Tetris Street Art by Gaffa gallery

Located in Sydney on Abercrombie Lane.

I’d get out of there before they form a horizontal line…

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Hatetris: the meanest Tetris clone you've ever played - Boing Boing

2010 Apr 25, 3:29Tetris game that picks the worst piece it can to give you.PermalinkCommentstetris videogame game web browser

Tetris Guideline - Tetris Wiki

2010 Jan 20, 8:56I had no idea of the amount of variation: "The Tetris Guideline is the current specification that The Tetris Company enforces for making all new (2001 and later) Tetris game products alike in form." Covers things like piece color, vocabulary, speeds, rotation system etc etc etc. I'll be adopting some of this in Polytope Tetris...PermalinkCommentstetris wiki reference game videogame

First-Person Tetris

2010 Jan 14, 2:51Its Tetris on the Nintendo (sort of) from the perspective of the piece (sort of).PermalinkCommentshumor tetris game videogame nintendo flash

Emre's JavaScript Tetris

2009 Nov 6, 2:34Tetris player AI implemented in JavaScript.PermalinkCommentsbrowser web javascript tetris ai via:ethan_t_hein

Javascript Nintendo emulator

2009 Sep 17, 11:12This Javascript Nintendo emulator works amazingly well in Google Chrome. You can play Dr. Mario, Super Mario Bros., Tetris, The Legend of Zelda, etc.PermalinkCommentsbrowser javascript nintendo nes game videogame google tetris emulator

Tetris: the "OTHER" russia | 8bc - Online Chiptune Media Sharing

2009 Aug 19, 10:39If I had a Tetris game I bet I'd like to use this music!PermalinkCommentsmusic tetris videogame 8bit

Offworld Gallery: The games factory, how Mario, Tetris, Sonic, Pong were made | Offworld

2009 Aug 14, 9:58Photos of "...the smelting of Sonic's rings, the chiseling of the 1-Up mushroom, and the rubber-pressed rebounding blocks of Arkanoid."PermalinkCommentsvideogame mario tetris factory photo

3D-Stereogram Tetris by ~3Dimka on deviantART

2009 Jan 20, 11:19Its Tetris done in those cross your eyes 3D stereogram things.PermalinkCommentstetris 3d stereogram art game flash via:swannman

Generating N-D Tetris Pieces

2008 Jun 1, 7:27

When I woke up this morning for some reason I was thinking about Polytope Tetris, my N-D Tetris game, and specifically generating Tetris pieces in various number of dimensions. When I first wrote PTT I thought that as the number of dimensions increased you could end up with an infinite number of non-equivalent crazy Tetris pieces. However this morning I realized that because you only get four blocks per piece there are only a possible three joints in a single Tetris piece which means that you only need three dimensions to represent all possible distinct N-D Tetris pieces.

Below is the table of the various possible pieces per number of dimensions and sorted by the number of joints in the piece. Notice that the 'J' and 'L' become equivalent in 3D because you can rotate the 'J' through the third dimension to make it an 'L'. The same happens for 'S' and 'Z' in 3D, and 'S+' and 'Z+' in 4D.

Joints Name 1D 2D 3D +
1 I I I I I
2 J J J J
3 O O O O
T+ T+ T+
S+ S+ S+
Z+ Z+
Total 1 7 8 7

As a consequence of not realizing there's a finite and small number of N-D Tetris pieces, I wrote code that would randomly generate pieces for a specified number of dimensions by wandering through Tetris space. This consists of first marking the current spot, then randomly picking a direction (a dimension and either forward or backward), going in that direction until hitting a previously unvisited spot and repeating until four spots are marked, forming a Tetris piece. However this morning I realized that continuing in the same direction until reaching am unvisited spot means I can't generate the 'T+' piece. I think the better way to go is keep the list of all possible pieces, pick one randomly, and rotate it randomly through the available dimensions. Doing this will also allow me to give distinct pieces their own specific color (like the classic Tetris games do) rather than picking the color randomly like I do now.

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YouTube - Orchestre Ossipov Korobeiniki (original tetris music)

2008 May 11, 10:03"Orchestre Ossipov Direction Vladimir Ponkine Concert Institut Gnessine Moscou 2006 "PermalinkCommentstetris music video youtube classical

Tetris Theme Trademark - Latest Status Info

2008 Mar 24, 11:22Tetris Holding LLC trademarked "an instrumental tune in the style of a Russian folk song in 2/2 time or cut time having at least two 8-bar phrases" used in video games. "Trademark Document Retrieval" links to mp3s of examples from GB Tetris.PermalinkCommentstetris copyright game music korobeiniki russia

Retro Sabotage: Highwaymen On Memory Lane - Flash Games [ver.9.0 req.]

2008 Mar 23, 3:26Flash versions of retro games with humorous differences.PermalinkCommentsgame humor retro games flash web internet pacman space-invaders tetris via:boingboing

Wiimote wiissues

2007 Jun 7, 5:29The other day I had the best idea for my Wii remote. Clearly I should use it to control the rotation of Tetris pieces in my N-dimensional Tetris game Polytope Tetris. One of the issues I described with Polytope Tetris is user input. Given a Wii remote the user could rotate a piece through 3 dimensions in a manner that's much easier to adjust to than particular keys on the keyboard.

Anyway, I did a little research into how this might work. I knew that the Wii remote used infrared for absolute positioning and Bluetooth for everything else (LEDs, speaker, accels.) I bought a Bluetooth adapter for my PC after realizing that none of my computers had one already. I used GlovePIE to ensure that my Wii remote could connect and successfully communicate with my computer. GlovePIE is actually pretty cool -- it provides a simple script layer over the Wii remote to control things like your mouse.

Since Polytope Tetris is in Java I looked for and found a Java library for operating with the Wii remote and a long forum thread discussing its use. I then read up on Bluetooth in Java. Apparently JSR 82 is the name of the standard that describes the API a Bluetooth stack should expose in Java. That is, to get Bluetooth working in Java one needs an additional package for Java that actually implements the Bluetooth Java API. This package would depend on the system so I suppose I can't fault Sun for not including it... Where to find such a package? I found a comparison list of implementations and tried the ones that support javax.bluetooth. None of them worked for me because none can address USB devices it seems or they cost money and I couldn't get the trial version working. I also tried bluesock (not listed on the previous list) which seemed promising and could produce an address for my Wii remote as a connected device but couldn't use that address.

And I thought that after I found the Wii remote Java library it would be easy... Oh well...PermalinkCommentsjava bluetooth wii technical remote jsr82 tetris polytopetetris wiimote

Thoughts on Polytope Tetris

2006 Nov 19, 9:25I've had a few thoughts recently on Polytope Tetris. Constructive thoughts: Deconstructive thoughts: PermalinkCommentsproject polytopetetris

What Went Wrong With Polytope Tetris

2006 Oct 6, 4:05In progress article. Note to self: continue writing this.PermalinkCommentsarticle software tetris game

Penny Arcade - Why The Hell Not

2005 Apr 3, 5:50Tetris See the new shape of fear Summer 2004PermalinkCommentscomic humor penny-arcade tetris

Polytope Tetris

2005 Mar 27, 6:24Open Source N-Dimensional Tetris Game I madePermalinkCommentsgame tetris open-source projects me personal java
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