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The Railway Track Market of Samut Songkhram

2009 Aug 11, 9:03Train tracks run through this open air market. "Eight times daily, a train runs through without care for stopping, sending vendors and visitors to action stations before business as usual resumes."
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NetFlix Media Center and Ong-Bak

2008 Jun 15, 7:57

Ong-Bak movie poster.I just installed vmcNetFlix which lets you watch your on demand NetFlix movies via your Vista Media Center or any Media Center Extenders like the Xbox 360. It works well but fails poorly with some cryptic error messages and long timeouts. Be sure to get NetFlix on demand movies working in your browser before installing this plugin. Once I did that everything worked very well.

To test it out I watched Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior in which Ting must travel from his country village to Bangkok where he works with his cousin in the city to recover his village's stolen religious artifact. Its a mix of Perfect Strangers, Street Fighter and Pad-See Ew. Martial arts movies, like porn and video games, aren't required to have a strong plot but Ong-Bak has a fine plot line and enjoyable Thai martial arts. I saw the Tiger Knee in there several times. An enjoyable movie that reminded me of watching martial arts movies with my friends in high school.

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Snapfish:Album:Shared - Angie & Kane in Pai

2007 Dec 13, 8:49Angie & Kane in PaiPermalinkCommentsangie-sommer photo photos photography friend thailand

Snapfish:Album:Shared - Angie and Kane - Chiang Mai 2

2007 Dec 3, 8:03Angie and Kane's Chaing Mai photo album 2.PermalinkCommentsfriend angie-sommer photo photos thailand

Snapfish:Album:Shared - Angie and Kane - Chiang Mai 1

2007 Dec 3, 8:01Angie and Kane's Chian Mai photo album 1PermalinkCommentsfriend thailand angie-sommer photo photos
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