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[from sambrook] YouTube - Zeitgeist Europe 2010 - The Power of Data

2010 May 18, 12:21PermalinkCommentsvideo tim-berners-lee technical web google semanticweb

The Evolution of a specification -- Commentary on Web architecture

2007 Oct 3, 10:21Tim Berners-Lee writes about principles for new technology in the context of the evolution of HTML and the development of namespaces and XML.PermalinkCommentsarchitecture article tim-berners-lee w3c internet history evolution html namespace xml web mmm multimedia-mesh humor test-of-independent-invention

Berners-Lee Disses Web 2.0

2007 Apr 18, 1:25SirTBL disses the Web2.0 buzz-phrase.PermalinkCommentsarticle humor web2.0 tim-berners-lee

Decentralized Information Group (DIG) Breadcrumbs

2007 Mar 13, 3:57Blog on web related things (with contributor Tim Berners-Lee!)PermalinkCommentsblog rdf software w3c research monthly tim-berners-lee

timbl's blog | Decentralized Information Group (DIG) Breadcrumbs

2007 Mar 2, 6:21Sir Tim Berners-Lee blog.PermalinkCommentsblog tim-berners-lee w3c web internet rdf network

Digital Future of the United States: Part I -- The Future of the World Wide Web

2007 Mar 1, 1:43Sir Timothy Berners-Lee talks at a congressional hearing. The House Committee on Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet hearing "Digital Future of the United States: Part I -- The Future of the World Wide Web".PermalinkCommentspolitics tim-berners-lee semanticweb web internet congress reference video

Fragment Identifiers -- Axioms of Web architecture

2007 Feb 27, 12:30Sir Tim Berners Lee talks about how URI fragments. Interesting to note the known issue of HTTP content negotation at odds with URI fragments being content type specific.PermalinkCommentsdesign uri web fragment iri tim-berners-lee w3c

Using labels to give semantics to tags - Design Issues

2007 Feb 12, 2:17Tim Berners Lee thoughts on tagsPermalinkCommentssemanticweb tagging ontology tim-berners-lee article

Semantic Web roadmap

2006 Dec 11, 8:44Sir Tim Berners Lee describes the roadmap to the semantic web.PermalinkCommentssemanticweb w3c roadmap rdf internet tim-berners-lee read

Isn't it semantic? : Articles : Internet : BCS

2006 Mar 27, 12:47Tim Berners-Lee InterviewPermalinkCommentstim-berners-lee interview web internet semanticweb dns w3c

Design Issues for the World Wide Web

2005 Nov 30, 3:50These statements of architectural principle explain the thinking behind the specifications. These are personal notes by Tim Berners-Lee: they are not endorsed by W3C. They are aimed at the technical community, to explain reasons, provide a framework to prPermalinkCommentsdevelopment http html uri internet design w3c architecture web tim-berners-lee reference semanticweb rdf
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