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Win10 PWA Terminology

2018 May 31, 8:26

Folks familiar with JavaScript UWP apps in Win10 have often been confused by what PWAs in Win10 actually are. TLDR: PWAs in Win10 are simply JavaScript UWP apps. The main difference between these JS UWP Apps and our non-PWA JS UWP apps are our target end developer audience, and how we get Win10 PWAs into the Microsoft Store. See this Win10 blog post on PWAs on Win10 for related info.

Web App

On the web a subset of web sites are web apps. These are web sites that have app like behavior - that is a user might call it an app like Outlook, Maps or Gmail. And they may also have a W3C app manifest.

A subset of web apps are progressive web apps. Progressive web apps are web apps that have a W3C app manifest and a service worker. Various OSes are beginning to support PWAs as first class apps on their platform. This is true for Win10 as well in which PWAs are run as a WWA.

Windows Web App

In Win10 a WWA (Windows Web App) is an unofficial term for a JavaScript UWP app. These are UWP apps so they have an AppxManifest.xml, they are packaged in an Appx package, they run in an App Container, they use WinRT APIs, and are installed via the Microsoft Store. Specific to WWAs though, is that the AppxManifest.xml specifies a StartPage attribute identifying some HTML content to be used as the app. When the app is activated the OS will create a WWAHost.exe process that hosts the HTML content using the EdgeHtml rendering engine.

Packaged vs Hosted Web App

Within that we have a notion of a packaged web app and an HWA (hosted web app). There's no real technical distinction for the end developer between these two. The only real difference is whether the StartPage identifies remote HTML content on the web (HWA), or packaged HTML content from the app's appx package (packaged web app). An end developer may create an app that is a mix of these as well, with HTML content in the package and HTML content from the web. These terms are more like ends on a continuum and identifying two different developer scenarios since the underlying technical aspect is pretty much identical.

Win10 PWA

Win10 PWAs are simply HWAs that specify a StartPage of a URI for a PWA on the web. These are still JavaScript UWP apps with all the same behavior and abilities as other UWP apps. We have two ways of getting PWAs into the Microsoft Store as Win10 PWAs. The first is PWA Builder which is a tool that helps PWA end developers create and submit to the Microsoft Store a Win10 PWA appx package. The second is a crawler that runs over the web looking for PWAs which we convert and submit to the Store using an automated PWA Builder-like tool to create a Win10 PWA from PWAs on the web (see Welcoming PWAs to Win10 for more info). In both cases the conversion involves examining the PWAs W3C app manifest and producing a corresponding AppxManifest.xml. Not all features supported by AppxManifest.xml are also available in the W3c app manifest. But the result of PWA Builder can be a working starting point for end developers who can then update the AppxManifest.xml as they like to support features like share targets or others not available in W3C app manifests.

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Tweet from David_Risney

2016 Feb 4, 10:16
My notes and experience with LetEncrypt on my NearlyFreeSpeech hosted blog: …. TLDR:difficulty 4/10

Tweet from David_Risney

2015 Jul 30, 10:37
The story behind several CC TLDs. . Who actually runs .io?

TLDRLegal - Software Licenses Summarized in Plain English

2012 Jul 3, 6:39

Lookup any software license shortly summarized in plain English.

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draft-liman-tld-names-06 - Top Level Domain Name Specification

2011 Dec 4, 3:00

“The syntax for allowed Top-Level Domain (TLD) labels in the Domain Name System (DNS) is not clearly applicable to the encoding of Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs) as TLDs. This document provides a concise specification of TLD label syntax based on existing syntax documentation, extended minimally to accommodate IDNs.” Still irritated about arbitrary TLDs.

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IDN TLD Update

2010 May 6, 5:48New IDN TLDs are up. Try out http://xn----rmckbbajlc6dj7bxne2c.xn--wgbh1c/ (aka http://وزارة-الأتصالات.مصر/) in your favorite IDN implementing browser.PermalinkCommentsidn tld dns icann technical web language

The WHATWG Blog - Blog Archive - This Week in HTML 5 - Episode 20

2009 Feb 3, 11:15"r2719 specifies that browsers should not allow scripts to set document.domain to anything on the Public Suffix List, such as "com" or "". Essential background reading on why this is dangerous: Untraceable XSS Attacks. Most browsers already block this attack, e.g. Firefox since 3.0. [Background: Re: Setting document.domain]"PermalinkCommentshtml5 tld publicsuffix dns security html internet web reference w3c

New Domain Names Put Name Brands in a Bind -

2008 Nov 5, 9:43Proposed new arbitrary TLDs are super expensive. As it turns out large companies have to buy their name on every new TLD to avoid potential fraud.PermalinkCommentsdns tld domain economics security iana ietf

Re: [DNSOP] Public Suffix List

2008 Sep 10, 1:32Discussion on IETF DNS mailing list about Mozilla's Public Suffix list and what they should do ultimately. "I'm inclined to suggest: Gather and hard-code your list into Firefox, and also provide a mechanism by which domain authorities can publish information which overrides your list for their domain."PermalinkCommentsidn domain firefox publicsuffix ietf mozilla tld

GNSO Final Report Part A - August 2007

2008 Jul 22, 10:58"ICANN Generic Names Supporting Organisation - Final Report: Introduction of New Generic Top-Level Domains"PermalinkCommentsicann tld dns reference

.confusion: ICANN opens up Pandora's Box of new TLDs

2008 Jun 26, 5:11I see a flood of bugs I have to fix in the distance..."If approved, registering the TLD will cost anywhere from $100,000 to $500,000, ICANN says, and the business or organization must prove that they are either capable of managing the TLD or can reach a dPermalinkCommentsicann tld arstechnica crazy browser

IDNwiki - IDNwiki

2007 Oct 17, 4:48ICANN's wiki on their new IDN TLDs.PermalinkCommentsidn wiki icann dns domain i18n internet tld

ICANN | On Its Way: One of the Biggest Changes to the Internet

2007 Oct 11, 12:11ICANN plans to support non-US-ASCII top level domain names. I wonder how broken web browser's security measures are about to become.PermalinkCommentsidn dns domain internet uri icann news tld

Welcome to .museum

2007 Jun 21, 4:12Info on obtaining a .museum domain name.PermalinkCommentsinternet reference museum tld domain

Gecko:Effective TLD Service - MozillaWiki

2007 May 22, 7:53Thoughts on determining the effective TLD of a hostname from Mozillaland.PermalinkCommentsmozilla security tld domain uri url api browser firefox dns

Analysis of Domain Names - Dennis Forbes - Pragmatic Software Development

2006 Apr 3, 3:02PermalinkCommentsblog dns domain internet language tld statistics

Business Networks Inc. (

2006 Mar 22, 1:27Example of a valid domain name with a two two letter domain name labels. "ca" is the country TLD label and is also the domain in this case.PermalinkCommentsdns dns-example domain internet language - een betaalbare website voor tandartsen (

2006 Mar 22, 1:25Example of a valid domain name with a well known TLD ("org") followed by a two letter country TLD ("be"). The domain in this case should be "be".PermalinkCommentsdns dns-example language internet domain

IANA | Root-Zone Whois Index by TLD Code

2006 Mar 22, 1:11PermalinkCommentsdns internet reference domain tld whois search

IDN-enabled TLDs

2005 Oct 11, 12:07Mozilla's IDN WhitelistPermalinkCommentsinternet security idna firefox unicode uri
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