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David_Risney: Egg toy unboxing youtube videos made millions via advertising. My 3yo is already ahead of me on what's hip.

2015 Jan 20, 9:08
David Risney @David_Risney :
Egg toy unboxing youtube videos made millions via advertising. My 3yo is already ahead of me on what's hip. …

laughingsquid: Two-Year-Old Picks the Lock to His Sister’s Room...

2013 Mar 28, 3:30


Two-Year-Old Picks the Lock to His Sister’s Room and Steals Her Toys

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Marvel lawyers insist mutants aren't humans

2011 Dec 30, 1:41

‘to avoid getting taxed as “dolls,” rather than lower for “toys”’

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Just Add Johansson

2009 Dec 16, 9:41"This sort of model should remind you of 1-piece click-out toys packaged with action figures such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Michael Johansson specializes in parodying this particular moment in toydom by creating life-sized models with that molded-plastic “break-apart and play” action specifically in mind."
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Bloody Xmas: Macabre Plush Toys Are Perfect Xmas Gift for Future Psychokillers

2008 Dec 29, 12:06Too bad I missed these before Christmas: "Why buy a stupid Elmo when you can permanently disturb that young mind with a cute knitted plush rabbit killed with a giant carrot? Or a beautiful tiger eating some human remains? I love these."PermalinkCommentshumor death macabre stuffed-animals toy gizmodo via:jen-johnston gift

Cadbury Nibbles Toy Box

2008 Sep 1, 4:17
Cadbury sits in and eats her box of toys. She enjoys eating her toy box more often than playing with any of the toys.
From: David Risney
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Identifying Vegetables with 20q Pocket Mind Reader

2008 Feb 26, 2:24

A shallot sliced in two.At the grocery store the other day Sarah and I attempted to find shallot for a recipe, but I can't tell the difference between shallot, sweet onions, yellow onions, etc. etc. We found something that we decided was the closest we'd find in the store and I believe we picked correctly because at checkout the cashier rang it up as shallot.

I think this could be a practical problem that the 20q Pocket Mind Reader should be able to solve: obtain the name of an unidentified object. When we got home I decided to test the 20q Pocket Mind Reader on shallot. Unfortunately, it told me I had an onion, but I think if these were designed for identifying unknown objects based solely on information you can obtain by looking at it, rather than requiring knowledge of seeds, where it grows, etc. it would do better. Or I could just ask someone who works at the grocery store.

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UGLY DOLLS | Unique, Cute, Huggable and Cuddly Colorful Popular Stuffed Toys | UncommonGoods

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Funde Razor '07 Grand Prize Announced - Funde Razor '07

2007 Nov 27, 4:19Cool life size weighted companion cube plush toys.PermalinkCommentshumor portal weighted-companion-cube hl2 valve toy purchase via:boingboing

nanda - robot alarmclock

2007 Apr 17, 11:03A robotic alarmclock that runs and hides if you don't get up in time.PermalinkCommentsdesign furniture robot toys time alarm clock shopping humor

Inflatable Human Beach Ball - Gizmodo

2007 Mar 16, 4:30A giant inflatable floating ball that you sit inside of.PermalinkCommentscool toys water humor beach-ball

The world is in your hand | - a lifestyle blogzine

2006 Dec 21, 3:21Cool photos of miniatures, toys, postcards or photos held up over their real world counterparts. Some look pretty cool.PermalinkCommentshumor photos blog gallery

Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP

2005 Nov 13, 3:44PermalinkCommentspowertoys tools software free windows
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