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2015 Jul 20, 3:21
Difficulties of props in entertainment: matching viewer expectations not reality, HD, trademarks, and currency. …

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2008 Oct 29, 3:45Apparently the government routinely suppresses patents when they fear the invention may harm national security. 5002 total patents suppressed at the end of FY07 according to PTO. "...U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's record of the number of patent applications kept from public scrutiny under the Invention Secrecy Act of 1951, which allows the government to lock up a patent application on national security grounds, even if the inventor has no connection to the government."PermalinkCommentspatent wired article government security

Tetris Theme Trademark - Latest Status Info

2008 Mar 24, 11:22Tetris Holding LLC trademarked "an instrumental tune in the style of a Russian folk song in 2/2 time or cut time having at least two 8-bar phrases" used in video games. "Trademark Document Retrieval" links to mp3s of examples from GB Tetris.PermalinkCommentstetris copyright game music korobeiniki russia

Linus Torvalds comments on Slashdot

2005 Dec 29, 3:37Linus says Slashdot is "big public wanking session": "I don't tend to bother about slashdot, because quite frankly, the whole _point_ of slashdot is to have this big public wanking session with people getting together and making their own "insightfulPermalinkCommentsslashdot linus humor linux trademark
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