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2015 Oct 20, 7:36
@USATODAY will you release this cover too? pic.twitter.com/d0VnrrhQzD

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2015 Sep 3, 7:03
Hey guys, tonight is this song's first night out. Can you help it find a few million ears to hang out in? http://music.mikephirman.com/track/i-c-a-n-t-s-p-e-l-l …

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2015 Apr 7, 2:41
Rad to see Mozilla in on the fun! For Chrome, see https://groups.google.com/a/chromium.org/forum/#!topic/blink-dev/2LXKVWYkOus … and https://groups.google.com/a/chromium.org/forum/#!topic/security-dev/pnsUO-KxzTs … // @metromoxie https://twitter.com/jruderman/status/585562933914181635 …

Patent Office tries “Stack Overflow for patents” to find prior art | Ars Technica

2012 Sep 20, 2:27

Welcome news. Glad to hear they’re looking for improvements.

… the USPTO has also worked with Stack Exchange, … to create a new site called Ask Patents. … Examiners or others looking for prior art can post questions about a specific application, and members of the general public can respond with evidence that an applicant was not the first to invent the subject matter of the application.

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Discovery of new "zero-day" exploit links developers of Stuxnet, Flame

2012 Jun 11, 6:41

As you might have guessed, Flame is also US/Israel produced malware.  From the people who brought you Stuxnet, its… Flame!

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International - Max Fisher - Welcome to America, Please Be On Time: What Guide Books Tell Foreign Visitors to the U.S. - The Atlantic

2012 Jun 7, 9:15

Such tips as: “don’t hand out cash to dinner guests” reveal what foreign tourists findsurprising about coming to America.

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Seth Meyers & Barack Obama at White House Correspondents’ Dinner

2011 May 1, 7:51"The hilarious speeches by Seth Meyers and Barack Obama at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Seth and Obama really let Trump have it in their speechs. Trump’s reaction in the audience is priceless."PermalinkCommentshumor politics barack-obama seth-meyers video white-house-correspondents-dinner

One year after putting NFB films online – Here are the stats… – NFB.ca

2010 Jan 22, 1:23Canada's National Film Board gives the successful stats of its website on which you can watch their films.PermalinkCommentsfree video film canada movie internet statistics

Emanuel Derman's Blog: Trading Places

2009 Dec 31, 1:50Har har: "I had a fantasy in which the Fed and the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) switched roles. If a bank failed at 9 a.m. one morning and shut its doors, the TSA would announce that all banks henceforth begin their business day at 10 a.m. And, if a terrorist managed to get on board a plane between Stockholm and Washington, the Fed would increase the number of flights between the cities."PermalinkCommentseconomics humor airplane emanuel-derman tsa fed government

Framing « Experimental Turk

2009 Dec 3, 1:54Uses Amazon's mechanical Turk program to test framing: "Framing the outcomes in positive vs. negative terms produced a reversal of participants’ preferences for the two programs. In condition 1, the majority of respondents (69.4%) favored Program A, exhibiting risk aversion. In condition 2, the majority of respondents (65.3%) favored Program B, exhibiting risk seeking."PermalinkCommentsvia:pskomoroch science experiment social risk security mechanicalturk amazon

MAKE: Blog: Metal plates send messages to airport x-ray screeners

2008 Sep 29, 3:07'These metal plates contain messages which will appear when they are X-Rayed.' What an awesome idea. Display messages to your friendly TSA x-ray security folk by cutting the messages into a plate of metal and placing it in your bag.PermalinkCommentshumor security product wishlist tsa airport x-ray

Theater of the Absurd at the T.S.A. - New York Times

2006 Dec 19, 4:37Article about security theatre at the airport. “Rogues are very keen in their profession, and know already much more than we can teach them.”PermalinkCommentsairport security airplane TSA new-york-times article bruce-schneier
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