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IAmA NASA Astronaut who recently returned to Earth and I am new to reddit (reddit.com)

2012 Mar 23, 2:08

Astronaut endorses destroying the moon!

The best exchange on the IAmA:

Ghostshirts it’s been a dream for a long time now, do you think that we’ll actually be able to blow up the moon in our lifetime?

RonGaran I truly believe that we can accomplish anything we set our minds on. We only need the will to do it

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TopatoCo: We Sell T-Shirts by the E-Shore

2008 Aug 6, 3:47Various shirts that are sometimes hilarious, sometimes awesome, and sometimes both at the same time.PermalinkCommentstshirt tshirts shopping comics awesome humor geek clothing

Amorphia Apparel - Look on my shirts, ye mighty, and despair!

2008 Jun 17, 5:52More awesome t-shirts. I like the scientist rocking out, 'Moai (All Ears)', and 'I bought this on the internet!'. Also the FAQ is pretty hilarious.PermalinkCommentsart clothing humor geek science tshirts purchase shopping shirt

Teach the Controversy - Intelligently designed t-shirts urging you to show both sides of every story

2008 Jun 17, 12:32Some of my favs: UFOs creating pyramids, a periodic table of elements consisting of 'Air', 'Water', 'Fire', etc., and satin in overalls burying fossils. I'm surprised by the lack of FSM.PermalinkCommentshumor via:boingboing satire religion science clothing shopping tshirts evolution intelligent-design
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