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Creating type-safe properties with ECMAScript 6 proxies | NCZOnline

2014 Apr 30, 9:12

Clearly the one JS feature we all agree on is ubiquity.

After some experimentation, I discovered that it’s possible to add type safety to JavaScript objects [via ES6 proxies] with just a few lines of code.

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Why Verbs? - Not The User's Fault

2008 Aug 28, 11:15I can't say why this is funny: "First, the really big picture of what Ubiquity is supposed to be all about: It's a step towards a Web where verbs (i.e. functionality, i.e. commands, i.e. services) are first-class citizens. And that's why I'm thinking it should be renamed from Ubiquity to something like "Mozilla Verbs", maybe."PermalinkCommentsmozilla firefox ubiquity ui via:ethan_t_hein
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