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2016 Feb 2, 4:34
I didn't realize so many Debian/Ubuntu apps don't/can't do cert verification. Also "untrusted websites" is a thing. pic.twitter.com/euTZzXuxzw

Gmail integration with Internet Explorer 8

2008 Apr 3, 9:00

Internet Explorer LogoGmail Logo licensed under CC by Victor de la FuenteWith the new features of IE8 there's several easy ways to integrate Gmail, Google's web mail service, for mail composition, searching, and monitoring that I enjoy using.

I made a Send via Gmail activity that allows you to select some text, a document, or link and via the activity menu open a new tab to compose a new message with the selection. Go to my activity page and click "Send via Gmail" (source) to install it. I found info on the gmail composition URL in the comments of this gmail howto article and used that in the activity. I talked about activities previously.
I've made a search provider that searches your gmail account. See my search provider page and select 'Gmail' (source) to install the Gmail search provider. Search providers aren't new to IE8 but this fits in with Gmail integration in IE. Again in the comments of another howto I found information on a Gmail search URL.
New to IE8 is authenticated feed support and favorites bar monitoring which combined with the Gmail inbox feed means you can see when you get new mail in your favorites bar in IE. To do this, navigate to the feed https://mail.google.com/mail/feed/atom, click 'Subscribe to this feed', then click on the Add button in the upper left (the star with plus icon) and select 'Monitor on Favorites Bar' to add this as a monitored item in the favorites bar. Next, right click on the new item in your favorites bar, open the properties dialog, and enter your Gmail username and password into the new username and password fields. Now when you get new mail the Gmail feed item will shine and bold and you'll be able to get to new messages in the dropdown. I described monitored feed items previously.
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Set Gmail as Default Mail Client in Ubuntu :: the How-To Geek

2008 Apr 3, 6:48The comments have info on URI template for gmail message composition: "https://mail.google.com/mail?view=cm&tf=0&to=`echo $1 | sed 's/mailto://'`"PermalinkCommentsgmail mail uri howto reference google

Command Not Found (Niath)

2007 Mar 21, 12:14This program will tell you how to install an application if you try to use one that it knows about and that you don't have installed.PermalinkCommentsbash blog opensource tool ubuntu article linux tips

Configuring Awstats with Apache 2 on Ubuntu

2007 Feb 20, 5:39More hints on setting up awstats.PermalinkCommentsapache howto linux server statistics web awstats article ubuntu

Creating a self-signed SSL certificate: Ubuntu

2007 Feb 7, 5:38A howto on creating a self-signed cert for your webpage on Ubuntu.PermalinkCommentslinux ssl ubuntu howto apache tutorial https certificate privacy encryption CA
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