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Royal Pingdom - The world's most super-designed data center - fit for a James Bond villain

2009 Jan 8, 5:45"It is a newly opened high-security data center run by one of Sweden's largest ISPs, located in an old nuclear bunker deep below the bedrock of Stockholm city... The bunker was designed to be able to withstand a near hit by a hydrogen bomb." Wait, you mean it can't take a direct hit? Lame.PermalinkCommentssweden photos design datacenter underground bomb technology

Roq La Rue Gallery - Pop Surrealism and Underground Contemporary Art

2008 Jul 10, 8:22In Seattle. "We have been an integral part of the Lowbrow/Pop Surrealism art movement since opening in 1998, and continue to exhibit established artists in the genre as well as fostering emerging artists, many of whom have gone on to make strong impacts iPermalinkCommentsseattle art

Welcome to DEF CON, the Largest Underground Hacking Convention in the World

2008 May 4, 10:35Video archives of DEFCON presentations.PermalinkCommentsvia:swannman security video feed defcon conference hack monthly

Spam (dance) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

2007 Mar 30, 3:29Apparently there's a dance form named 'spam'. From the link: "The term originated in the underground scene from Ontario, Canada. It was lifted from the video game and technological meanings of spam, relating the concepts of rapid speed and randomness."PermalinkCommentsspam dance
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