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Sam Ruby: First Polyglot Validator Check Deployed

2009 Sep 10, 7:22HTML validator can validate that your document is both HTML and XHTML at the same time.PermalinkCommentshtml5 xhtml html validator technical web polyglot

FoaF on my Homepage

2007 Oct 14, 3:12I've updated my homepage by moving stuff about me onto a separate About page. Creating the About page was the perfect opportunity to get FoaF, a machine readable way of describing yourself and your friends, off my to do list. I have a base FoaF file to which I add friends, projects, and accounts from delicious using an XSLT. This produces the FoaF XML resource on which I use another XSLT to convert into HTML and produce the About page.

I should also mention a few FoaF pages I found useful in doing this: PermalinkCommentstechnical xml foaf personal xslt xsl homepage

More Homepage Updates

2006 Nov 6, 6:51I've updated my webpage some more. I now have the onmouseover on the thumbnails in my photos section. So that's fun. I'm using the flickr badge script and then including a javascript file I made that finds the flickr imgs in my page and adds in onmouseover and onmouseout events. I've also got the whole thing validating on W3C's HTML validator and W3C's CSS validator.

The one thing I'd like to fix is the comments for my blog posts. They aren't included in the RSS feed. I'm shopping for a blog site that supports comment counts in the RSS feed at least. If possible I'd like the actual comments to appear in the feed but I doubt anyone does that.PermalinkCommentscss html script validator homepage flickr

Feed Validator for Atom and RSS

2006 Apr 13, 1:38PermalinkCommentsvalidate validation validator reference tool tools software rss internet

CSS Validation Service

2006 Apr 8, 8:18PermalinkCommentsw3c validate validation validator tools tool web internet reference html css

The W3C Markup Validation Service

2006 Mar 29, 11:29Validate your HTML/XMLPermalinkCommentsvalidate validator tools free web html sgml xml rss w3c
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