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Remixes of the paranoid London police "anti-terror"/suspect your neighbours posters - Boing Boing

2009 Mar 26, 2:24PermalinkCommentshumor politics poster paranoia security via:boingboing.comments photoshop privacy

meteotek08's photosets on Flickr

2009 Mar 18, 9:35Team of teenagers attach camera to weather balloon and send it to space!PermalinkCommentsphotography photos via:boingboing.comments science space flickr

"Ever since I started working with Motorola" - Google Search

2008 Nov 25, 2:48PermalinkCommentsvia:boingboing.comments marketing advertising motoral phone cellphone viral-marketing

Hitler's Diary and Hermann Goering's Yacht - FRONT PAGE - How Markus makes $15k a day from free dating site Plentyoffish

2008 May 19, 11:54Forged fake art: "After being released from prison in 1988, Kujau opened a gallery in Stuttgart where he sold 'authentic fakes'... In fact, his work became so popular that other forgers began to create forged copies of Kujau's forgeries."PermalinkCommentsart fraud history via:boingboing.comments konrad-kujau
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