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Official Google Blog: Cutting back on your long list of passwords

2009 Nov 23, 11:28"Thanks to the utilization of new technology, we're now seeing large-scale success in eliminating the need for passwords while increasing the successful registration rate at websites to over 90%...In addition, after a thorough evaluation of the security and privacy of these technologies, the same techniques are being piloted by President Obama's open identity initiative to enable citizens to sign in more easily to government-operated websites."PermalinkCommentsidentity openid google security authentication facebook password via:connolly technical

Sense and Reference on the Web

2009 Oct 30, 10:33"What does a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) mean? Does it have a sense, and can it refer to things?" I hope it will cover some of the new scheme vs always HTTP scheme and distinct vs not distinct URLs for a real world object and its web page perma-arguments.PermalinkCommentsvia:connolly url uri w3c semanticweb http todo technical

YouTube - The Web That Wasn't

2009 Oct 28, 8:31"The presentation will focus on the pioneering work of Paul Otlet, Vannevar Bush, and Doug Engelbart, forebears of the 1960s and 1970s like Ted Nelson, Andries van Dam, and the Xerox PARC team, and more recent forays like Brown's Intermedia system." Covers things like As We May Think and others who could have made the Web. Would love to have this as a summary with links to everything rather than a video =)PermalinkCommentsvia:connolly technical google video internet web information technology memex

Official Google Blog: Use Google Voice with your existing number

2009 Oct 27, 9:47"We're excited to announce that you now have the choice to get Google Voice with your existing mobile number OR with a Google number." You can use their voicemail features with your existing phone number.PermalinkCommentsvia:connolly google voice phone cellphone voicemail blog

ginger's thoughts » URI fragments vs URI queries for media fragment addressing

2009 Sep 11, 8:39"In the W3C Media Fragment Working Group (MFWG) we have had long discussions about the use of the URI query (”?”) or the URI fragment (”#”) addressing approach for addressing directly into media fragments, and the diverse new HTTP headers required to serve such URI requests, considering such side conditions as the stripping-off of fragment parameters from a URI by Web browsers, or the existence of caching Web proxies."PermalinkCommentsfragment uri via:connolly media url query http http-header

Composing the Semantic Web: Units ontology with SPIN support published

2009 Sep 1, 4:25"Each unit has a stable URI, making it possible to link to it from your own domain models in a reliable way. For each unit, the ontology defines some useful metadata including abbreviation, a link to DBpedia and a categorization of units into groups, such as length units."PermalinkCommentssemanticweb via:connolly web unit conversion uri technical

CSS - Contents and compatibility - mobile

2009 May 3, 4:42A comparison of the implementation status of various CSS features across mobile browsers.PermalinkCommentsvia:connolly css html browser web mobile android google iphone compatibility

rev=canonical: url shortening that doesn't hurt the internet

2009 Apr 7, 1:59A URL shortening service that tries to find the normal form (which hopefully translates to shorter in length) of a URL via PermalinkCommentsvia:connolly tinyurl canonical normalize uri url
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