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James Murdoch v British Library: it’s all about copyright | Beehive City

2010 May 30, 9:13PermalinkCommentsvia:felix42 murdoch copyright newspaper

Fair Use Economy (pdf)

2010 May 4, 10:49PermalinkCommentsvia:felix42 fair-use economics pdf legal law copyright todo system:filetype:pdf system:media:document

Yahoo! Search Blog: Yahoo! Chats with Semantic Web Expert, Ben Adida

2008 Sep 16, 3:57Interview with Ben Adida on RDFa: "...RDFa is ready. It has just been approved by the W3C as a Candidate Recommendation, with the specific text of the specification and a brand new Primer published on June 20th. Y!: What can I do with RDFa? BA: You can tell the world what various components on your web page mean by marking up things like: The title of a photo Your name and contact information The license under which you're distributing your latest MP3 The ingredients of a cooking recipe The price of an item A gene on which you recently wrote a paper ... Anything that you want to make more machine-readable"PermalinkCommentsrdf microformats yahoo semantic interview ben-adida semanticweb via:felix42

Microsoft launches 3D wonder Photosynth for consumers | Webware : Cool Web apps for everyone - CNET

2008 Aug 22, 5:35Photosynth now available and easy to use: "Photosynth, a technology demo from Microsoft Live Labs, has graduated from its "ooh, that's pretty" status to being a viable Web service for consumers. The technology, which takes a grouping of photographs and stitches them into a faux 3D environment, can now be implemented with photos you've taken on your digital camera or mobile phone, and converted right on your computer. Previously, the process of stitching these photos together took weeks of processing on specially configured server arrays. With its latest version, Microsoft has managed to shrink that into around the time it takes to upload your photos."PermalinkCommentsvia:felix42 photosynth photos photography 3d microsoft free tool

With Lively, Google tries its own 'Second Life' | Webware : Cool Web apps for everyone - CNET

2008 Jul 9, 9:59Lively is apparently a coming soon Google app that's like a web page embeddable version of Second Life.PermalinkCommentsvia:felix42 second-life lively google webservices web2.0

Orlando Sentinel - What Rick Astley would never do (in pie chart form)

2008 Apr 3, 1:43Nothing like humorous graphs. See rickrolling for more Rick Astley.PermalinkCommentshumor graph pie-chart rick-astley rickroll via:felix42

Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Wagner, Some Yo-Yo Ma and More: Free Classical Music Podcasts | Open Culture

2008 Mar 9, 1:10"With the recent 250th anniversary of Mozart's birth, there has been no shortage of podcasts dedicated to Mozart's masterpieces."PermalinkCommentspodcast mp3 music download rss free copyright cc classical mozart bach beethoven via:felix42

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

2008 Feb 26, 10:16The ONN has a story on Diebold leaking the results of the 2008 US presidential election.PermalinkCommentsvia:felix42 humor onion video election government diebold Post the Funniest Joke You Know... Upmod the Best One

2008 Feb 18, 5:54Reddit comments consisting of various jokes of various quality. Many many jokes here.PermalinkCommentsvia:felix42 humor joke reddit

TED | Talks | Howard Rheingold: Way-new collaboration (video)

2008 Feb 17, 11:25How the Internet can allow new forms of collaboration, solutions to tragedy of commons, prisoner's dilemma.PermalinkCommentsvia:felix42 cooperation collaboration howard-rheingold video ted internet

Radiohead's Scotch_Mist // Current

2008 Jan 2, 1:11Radiohead's New Years video as seen on Current.PermalinkCommentscurrent audio music radiohead video tv via:felix42

Creative Commons Launches CC0 and CC+ Programs - Creative Commons

2007 Dec 19, 2:56New Creative Common licenses CC0 and CC+.PermalinkCommentscopyright creativecommons legal rights business cc+ cc0 law via:felix42

Strictly No Photography

2007 Dec 10, 1:21A photo gallery of photos taken in places in which one should not take photos.PermalinkCommentsvia:felix42 photo photography photos law IP legal copyright art community

SEOmoz | Why You Should Go Through the Trouble of Registering Your Copyright When Everyone Tells You That Your Work is Protected Automatically

2007 Dec 7, 9:52General info on US copyrightPermalinkCommentsbusiness copyright howto legal rights ip via:felix42

OpenAerialMap Is Ready For Your Data

2007 Dec 7, 9:45FTA: "OpenAerialMap is a site for collecting, hosting, and mapping freely available aerial imagery. "PermalinkCommentsaerial geo map opensource photography social data via:felix42

YouTube - Piracy Ad - Choses in Action!

2007 Oct 3, 2:55Similar to the previous piracy ad parody but this is what the ad would look like if it were technically accurate.PermalinkCommentsvia:felix42 copyright law legal piracy advertising humor video

YouTube - Anti-Piracy Ad from The IT Crowd

2007 Oct 3, 2:50Parody of anti-piracy ads you may have seen at the beginning of movies recently.PermalinkCommentsvia:felix42 copyright humor video videos piracy legal law advertising politics ip

Copyright and tattoos: who owns your skin? - Boing Boing

2007 Oct 3, 1:30"Hatcher explores the legal ramifications of tattoo artists who assert copyright over their works after they've been inked, objecting to the tatts being displayed in advertising -- and even seeking to prevent old tattoos from being erased! "PermalinkCommentsboingboing via:felix42 copyright ip law legal tattoo art culture blog article advertising

2007 Jun 17, 11:44Social tagging of museum pieces.PermalinkCommentssteve art tag tagging folksonomy museum social via:felix42

Teen Arrested for Videotaping Police | Citizen Media Law Project

2007 Jun 17, 11:42PermalinkCommentsvideos legal rights politics via:felix42 law privacy
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