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lcamtuf's blog: HTTP cookies, or how not to design protocols

2010 Nov 8, 3:34On crappy aspects of HTTP cookie design.PermalinkCommentshttp web browser history technical cookie header networking protocol security programming via:mattb

JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit

2010 Jul 8, 1:37Including graphs with force directed layout!PermalinkCommentsvia:mattb infographics javascript technical programming html graph chart visualization

Three Reasons Why We Buy Those Crazy Steam Bundles « The Psychology of Video Games

2010 May 30, 9:20PermalinkCommentsvia:mattb psychology game video-game steam economics technical

24 ways: Rock Solid HTML Emails

2009 Dec 14, 2:25Recommendations on writing HTML for email clients... Ugh.PermalinkCommentsvia:mattb html email css web reference technical

There is no WebKit on Mobile

2009 Oct 7, 8:10Quirksmode does a chart comparing the differences in various versions of WebKit: "There’s iPhone WebKit, Android WebKit, S60 WebKit (at least two versions each), Bolt, Iris, Ozone, and Palm Pre, and I don’t doubt that I’ve overlooked a few minor WebKits along the way. All 10 mobile WebKits I’ve identified so far are subtly or wildly different."PermalinkCommentscompatibility web development browser webkit apple google android iphone safari technical via:mattb

Presentation - Integrating Web Innovations into Museums - "Going Analog"

2009 May 3, 4:36Besides being an interesting presentation with real world examples off Web ideas applied to museums, the presentation itself (although its all icky flash) is lovely.PermalinkCommentsvia:mattb museum flash presentation visualization

Nedroid Picture Diary - party cat

2009 May 3, 4:32Be sure to start with the first one! Vaguely reminds me of Slurms McKenzie, the original party worm.PermalinkCommentshumor web cat cute comic party party-cat via:mattb

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Specify your canonical

2009 Feb 14, 5:41"Now, you can simply add this link tag to specify your preferred version... and Google will understand that the duplicates all refer to the canonical URL: Additional URL properties, like PageRank and related signals, are transferred as well."PermalinkCommentsvia:mattb google link html url uri canonical canonicalization web

Dopplr Blog - Blog Archive - Dopplr presents the Personal Annual Report 2008: freshly generated for you, and Barack Obama…

2009 Jan 15, 4:57Lovely travel visualization: "We've generated what we call the Personal Annual Report for all our users. It's a unique-to-you PDF of data, visualisations and factoids about your travel in 2008, that we're delivering over the next week via email to every Dopplr user who travelled in 2008. To give you an example, we thought we'd show you the Personal Annual Report of someone who's had a very busy 2008 - President Elect Barack Obama."PermalinkCommentsvia:mattb visualization blog dopplr obama travel statistics map

Noisy Decent Graphics: All the ephemera that's fit to print *

2009 Jan 15, 9:41"Russell and I thought it would be interesting to take some stuff from the internet and print it in a newspaper format. Words as well as pictures. Like a Daily Me, but slower. When we discovered that most newspaper printers will let you do a short run on their press (this was exactly the same spec as the News Of The World) we decided to have some fun."PermalinkCommentsblog internet design art newspaper typography print publishing via:mattb

Everything you know about ARGs is WRONG

2008 Dec 29, 1:48"That's that sorted then. No more "alternate reality" bullshit. We can use the word "fiction" or "story" instead, so normal people can understand us."PermalinkCommentshumor fiction arg story presentation slideshow talk marketing game via:mattb

The igraph library for complex network research

2008 Nov 5, 3:55A graphing library which includes variaous graph visualization algorithms. GNU licensed. "igraph is a free software package for creating and manipulating undirected and directed graphs. It includes implementations for classic graph theory problems like minimum spanning trees and network flow, and also implements algorithms for some recent network analysis methods, like community structure search."PermalinkCommentsreference free development programming visualization graph math library opensource c++ igraph graphviz via:mattb

Five year old recursive on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

2008 Oct 15, 10:50Clever idea. Photo of a girl holding photos of herself holding photos of herself etc with age decreasing in one year increments per photo.PermalinkCommentsphoto recursive via:mattb
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